Foolocracy (1)


Every time it was the Fool’s turn to go on stage there was great expectation in the audience. The most important actors wanted to play that role in fact, because he was not only one who juggled or made you laugh with trivial jokes or puns, but he was also charismatic, witty, shrewd, but above all, the fool was the only character who was allowed the privilege to say whatever he liked. He was a fool after all. He could target whoever he considered worthy of contempt exposing him to ridicule, king included (with a certain prudence obviously). People laughed with him, people were with him because after all he was one of them, one who could understand their frustrations, misery, rage, disappointed hopes. With a laugh he could exorcise all that. It was a great power indeed and he knew it, but I’m sure that not even in his wildest dreams he would have ever imagined one day to use this power to become a politician and, why not, rule a country. People would have died from laughing. Yes, but it was the Middle Age, the dark age. Nowadays, in the modern age, we have smashed these prejudices and we have allowed fools of any kind to be part of the active political life. Even those who were not really born fool try clumsily to imitate them, because this seems to be what people want. Will it work? We’ll see. God bless Italy.

4 thoughts on “Foolocracy (1)

  1. The real folly is all those politicians defeated by the foolocrazy … this means that our “kings” do not receive the trust of people, who prefer the “jester” ….. I agree with this God bless Italy

  2. I don´t know if that president you had, the little guy who threw parties every other day in some villa with young hotties was a fool, he did have quite some fun the bastard. Plus I think he robbed quite a bit if I´m not mistaken. Isn´t he know being prosecuted by “la fiscalia”, or prosecutors. Berlusconi, was this guy right?

    • A+ Charly. You got it right. I told you are such a smart guy. The foolocracy section is dedicated to my political disappointment for how politics goes here in Italy. My targets are both Berlusconi and Beppe Grillo. Two fools, in fact. 🙂

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