Christmas Lights

I love Christmas trees. I can feel a sort of magic in their glow, a charm which has the power to revive my childish spirit, the one which still looks in wonder at the myriads colourful lights and baubles hanging from the branches. It  also brings back memories of my past, the majority of which, I have to say, are indissolubly linked to my father.  He loved this time of the year so much. Christmas decorations were his seasonal pastime and he was very meticulous in his creative act indeed. It took him days to study all the mechanisms of the nativity scene and find the best spot to place it, but he mostly excelled in making Christmas trees. They were real artworks. When I was a little girl I enjoyed watching him being intent in giving life to what I interpreted to be the spirit of Christmas.  I loved it so much that when I became old enough I was happy to share this family tradition with him and in time I  found myself preserving it for him. When I turned on the lights, the magic always worked as I could still see a joyful sparkle appear in his old dark eyes. It is no wonder that he decided to leave us on Christmas Day. It seems it couldn’t have been otherwise.

Yet, I never associate Christmas to sad events, and I would have more than one reason to do it, I can assure you,  as for some strange twist of fate, catastrophes and tragedies  have always happened during Christmas time in my life. And do you know why? Because that magic still has a hold on me. Every year when I  start to make my Christmas tree  the amazing charm of the lights seems to silence sorrows and bad memories are obscured for a while by their joyous twinkling. This is what I call the Christmas spirit. 

Hence, I want to turn on the lights of my  Christmas tree and share their powers with you, wishing you happiness and joy. At least for a while. Merry Christmas.


34 thoughts on “Christmas Lights

    • After many years on WordPress I start running out of ideas at Christmas. So while I was wondering about which words I could choose for the seasonal wishes, the image of my father popped out to inspire me. Nadolig Llawen, Chris!

  1. Yes, the charm of a Christmas Tree links us to our imaginations, the fountain of humanity and humanitarianism. There’s a reason why pagan rituals survive, above and beyond commercialism and convention.

  2. Nice post and sentiment.

    We used to decorate a lot (inside and outside) and over the years, accumulated many, many decorations. All were sold, gifted, or donated when we moved to Hawaii, and since then it’s not been convenient putting up displays.

    But, I agree with you about the tree. I never saw it as a religious icon, just a festive display, and I, too, have great memories from when I was young (in Zugliano, near Udine).

    I’m still incredulous of it (but confirmed it with my mother), but we had clip-on candle holders with real candles (on a real tree!) and even briefly lit them when we’d gather around the tree before going to Midnight Mass.

    There shed less happy memories from those days, but the memory of the tree stuck in there even as I let many others go.

    Merry Christmas, etb.

    • Just curious . . . did you personally break with it, or as part of your family?

      I ask because I ‘officially’ broke with it when I was 14 and stood my ground not wanting to go to mass (a big deal since my uncle was a priest). That was an interesting day, I tell you what!

      • While I was writing the reply to your previous comment I was just thinking ” I should tell this story, it is a nice one” and so I will. During holidays I have more to write. First post 2023. 😉

  3. It is a fabulous, heartfelt description of this celebration, my dear Stefy. Thank you, and merry Christmas. I wish you, your beloved ones, and everyone on this earth a peaceful new year.🥰🤗🙏💖🦋

    • I understand what you mean. Let’s put it in this way, you spare yourself the trouble of making it ( it took me 2 days to make mine) to avoid the sadness of dismatling it, don’t you? 😉

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