There is always a bright side……

Pastiera Napoletana

White, green, yellow, orange, dark orange, almost red-orange… red. Red is the colour of Easter in Italy this year. In the whirl of colours which determine what it is possible to do and what it is not during these vacations, the colour red has been drawn by lot: red = maximum restrictions possible. Allow me a little bit of  sarcasm, as, actually, here we don’t understand any longer upon what ground colours are decided and for sure it is not the number of infected or Rt or whatever more to determine it.  Just to understand, with more than 20.000 infected per day, 500 dead, we were orange yesterday, but red a week ago with the same figures and we will go back to orange next Wednesday to allow schools to reopen. One thing more, when schools were first closed at the end of October last year, there was an average of 10.000 infected and 200 dead per day, hence, I am firmly convinced that the choice of colour must be due only either to the alignment of planets or the powerful winds which arise from those who shout the most. For this reason we Italians are not taking these colours so seriously any longer, in fact,  whatever nuance is announced, you see a lot of people indifferently strolling around.

For those who miss social life so badly, any colour downgrading is nothing but the chance to give way to their old habits. Repressed by too many claustrophobic months, you see them darting out at the first occasion, as if they were running out of air. I can understand them, but I have to say that this is not my case. I don’t see why I should fret to do things I can’t fully enjoy. Why should I go to a restaurant? To jolt any time somebody sneezes or stations too close my table? No, thanks. Where is the fun? Actually, I have to say that I have never felt claustrophobic all these months at home, but rather, I have found out that there are a lot of positive sides in this lockdown matter. First, I spend less money, I wouldn’t use the word save, but I do not need to squander all my money in clothes and shoes  any longer, as I have no occasion to exhibit my fancy trophies, which is good. I have also had the  time to practice GIMP, an image editor, which I use to manipulate the images for my power points. I have become addicted to it, it is even slowly  replacing Candy Crush ( I have reached level  8437 in the meantime), if you understand what I mean.

Certainly, transforming  our “Neverland” into “Carbs-land” is the occupation that has taken much of our time, as since the very first lockdown, more than a year ago, we have developed  our cooking skill to a level which borders on perfection. By the ways, I believe that the usage of “we”and “our” may be quite misleading for the reader, so, I need to give a further explanation, as “we”, actually, means that my husband Mr Run cooks and I eat.  In particular the purchase of the Kitchen Aid has helped a lot in this transformation and if you don’t believe me, I’m about to give a sample of some our, ehm, his recipes in the jolly field of Carbohydrates.

Let’s start with bread. We make bread every week and this is what it looks like: tomato and oregano bread on the left and healthy walnut bread on the right.

And this is our super pizza:

If you like Italian home made pasta, here is a sample of what Mr Run usually makes: pappardelle with wild boar sauce and tagliatelle with mushrooms and sausage sauce.

And if you like cakes, here is a Bonet:

More cakes:

And this is what we have prepared for Easter lunch: spinach and ricotta cheese ravioli and special Easter cheese cake (it is still warm) :

I fear, I’m putting on weight only looking at these pictures.

So, this is all from “Carbs- land”. I wish you all a very Happy Easter. This is no the best of our times, I know, but it will end sooner or later, won’t it?.

23 thoughts on “There is always a bright side……

  1. I know its hard to hear mi amore, but reopening anywhere where people gather, only prolongs how long Covid will hang around. We’ve just been through a particularly bad third time in lockdown. Restrictions have just been lifted yet again. As a consequence we can expect another rise in the numbers affected by Covid. Every politician needs to be brave enough to totally close down their respective countries indefinitely. Not giving it targets is the only way…

  2. Oh wow that all looks amazing. Yummy. Well done for seeing the positives of lockdown too. I am of a similar mind, I have been moderately happy at home but I do miss people and company. I am very happy in small groups, preferably at home when allowed, no desire to rush back to pubs and restaurants or be near strangers. KL ❤

    • Hi, I think there is no other way that trying to bear, enjoy this reality as much as we can. There is always something new to do or to learn and now we have the time. Let’s be positive!!!

    • I assume the “us” you refer to is more of a royal “Us” (similar to a royal “We”), or a highly localized “us” (meaning, restricted to the people currently living at your address).

      Meaning, I don’t see me in your us. That’s OK . . . I have some rum cake to comfort me.

      • Emilio, you’ll be part of “us”, when I make pasta, butter and parmesan cheese, that is….when I am sick. 😀 You like this basic pasta, do I remember well?

      • Pretty close . . . pasta, lightly buttered and salted. Not much for partisan cheese on pasta. If I add cheese, I sprinkle shredded mozzarella and give it a quick bake in the oven, otherwise, just butter and salt.

        For breakfast, I’ve been known to make my version of carbonara (without the heavy cream).

        Almost a cook

        There are a few acceptable meat sauces. The perfect sauce stares at the unused tomatoes sitting next to the unused onions as it’s being cooked.

  3. Amazing food you have there! I have recently decided that I have to give up wheat so unfortunately much delicious and convenient European food is now off limits to me. But I can still enjoy the pictures. 🙂

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