Meghan in Wonderland

“I would never marry a prince”. This is what I said to myself as soon I arrived in London many years ago while reading an English newspaper full of the latest gossips about the royals. I would never wish to see myself on  papers, I thought, and read articles digging in the alleged secrets of my present, past or even making assumptions on my future. Everybody licensed to judge the way I speak, look, clothes and stuff like that. Just hell. English press is truly merciless. If they had called Prince Albert a sausage, I can just guess how Princess Tink would  have been called, once discovered that  her origins were from the deep South of Italy, for example. I could see the titles after the first errors: mafia pollutes Buckingham Palace, royal pizza connection. No, thanks, I would have never married a prince, let alone an English prince.

But If I actually had wished to marry a prince and had been lucky enough to bump into one I loved, in the remote case I didn’t know much about this Royal Highness, curiosity would have consumed me, hence, I would have promptly googled his name and find out what kind of prince I had hooked .Then, if I had discovered that we were not talking about the prince of Zamunda Akeem Joffer, but the descendant of the oldest and most prestigious monarchy in Europe indeed, after having thanked my exceedingly good star, I would have endeavoured myself to know a bit more about him and his family, particularly if I had resolved upon marrying him. I would have wanted to know every detail and learn what was best to do or learn about the code of behaviour at court. Then, I am sure, I would have downloaded on You Tube “how to curtsy” part .1,2,3,4 before being introduced to the Her Majesty the Queen. I would have wanted to be impeccable, for sure. I would have wished to be informed to fit the best I could. Anybody would have behaved so, but Meghan Markle, who did marry a prince.

What I watched a few days ago was an lengthy interview on the sorrows of a grown up woman half Alice in Wonderland, half Little Mermaid telling the sad story of her connecting with the Royal family. The entire construction of the interview meant at winking at the story of Diana, but it didn’t work, as it looked like more B movie on the topic of depression.  There were few facts told, but, actually, the responsible of those acts was let to the viewer’s imagination, and you know, imagination flows. The shocking events were mostly these: Megan was soon embittered as nobody had thought about organizing an English anthem class for her, then she proceeded telling about a squabble about the dresses of her bridesmaids, thus revealing that it was her sister-in-law Kate, who made her cry and not the other way round, as odious English press assumed. How shocking. I was wondering if that was before or after Prince Charles walked her down the aisle.

Then there was this continuous mantra, about the security they have been deprived of and the cruelty of seeing her child with no title even if titles do not matter. Actually, the host of the show, the astute Oprah Winfrey, was moving the threads of her puppet to take her to the core of the interview which was dearest to her cause, that is Meghan’s accusation of the royals of racism. That was the shell cast in the middle of a tedious interview made of trivialities mostly. Racism!!! I guess it must have been a great disappointment for those gullible Bridgerton fans, who were made believe by Shonda Rhymes only two months ago, that there was black aristocracy in Regency times.

All that talking about dark thoughts, bridesmaids, anthems was nothing but the tasteless “appetizer” of the more juicy “main course”, which was the accusation the Royal family of being racist. And you know what annoyed me the most? Harry, the real or better, the royal puppet of the situation, because he allowed all this. He  allowed his own overexposed family to be even more exposed in this way. While she spoke, he, the Prince, was at first left apart, to observe her wife’s show. It was her limelight. Couldn’t he see the marginality of his role and person? While I was watching this pitiful show, one Italian proverb, kept rolling in my mind: “mogli e buoi dei paesi tuoi” *. Ah, the wisdom of the oldies!

(Difficult to find a real equivalent in English, which sounds: ”Wives and oxen from your own country” . This should mean that it is better to select your partner from people who belong to your country and  have a similar background, in order to  avoid unpleasant surprises.)


18 thoughts on “Meghan in Wonderland

  1. I’m afraid to say that she is a spoilt brat with major inferiority issues. I wonder how long it will be before Harry wakes up? On a more positive note Bella, I’ve just taken delivery of the last three episodes of Montalbano, which I’m looking forward to seeing. 😉

    • I am sure you will enjoy them, even if there are some changes, which are due to the fact that the director Sironi and even the actor who played one of my favourite characters in the series ,Doctor Pasquano, died. I guess, you will go go to Sicily when the lockdown is over, you must. 😀🙋🏼

      • Wish I could, On my pension I can’t afford it bella. Only two episodes in Series 10 – not three. I’m sorry to hear Italy is back in lockdown for the third time 😦

    • 2/3 of Italy, actually, but Rome is included. The point is that I had been quarantined for the second time and today I have been able to enjoy the fresh air for the first time after 16 days, to go in lockdown again next Monday. I guess I’ll have to riun a marathon tomorrow, before I go back to darkness. I tell you what, Jack, I am getting used to it. Ah, I will be given the vaccine next Monday. Have you been vaccinated?

      • No. Still can’t make my mind up about iit, especially as i’m permanently inside these days with no one breathing on me or at me…

  2. The whole thing was nonsense. She claimed that Archie had been denied the title of prince due to racism. Great-grandchildren of the monarch are not entitled to the title of prince or princess unless they are in the direct line of succession, under laws made in 1917. He *is* entitled to the title of earl, but they said they didn’t want him to be an earl. The same with who gets their security paid for – Prince Andrew’s daughters do not get state-funded security, nor do Prince Edward’s children or Princess Anne’s children. It’s nothing to do with racism – it’s mainly to do with keeping costs down. The whole thing annoyed me!

  3. I can’t say I had the stomach to watch it. Certainly no one would condone racism however to throw it out in the open but not to identify the person seems unfair.

    • Hi , Sue. Racism cannot and must not be condoned, but I heard their version only and since they felt the need to share their story with the entire world carefully omitting who is to blame, they actually exposed the entire family. Is this what Harry meant to do? As Oprah, astute Oprah, at the very end of the interview asked Harry, if he would have ever left his family but for Meghan and he answered quickly , he would not. Hence, I understand it was totally acceptable for him to live with a racist family before. 😘🙋🏼

  4. I am so delighted in reading you, but I do believe you wouldn’t have had any difficulties in managing a possibile prince as your husband, mainly a British one, because “Lizzy” would immediately fall in love with your amazing outfit and worldwide press would have followed you and the Queen sightseeing in market places unknown to the most fashionable members of the upper class.

  5. Two points: there was a surprising amount of ignorance (I’d almost say ‘wilful’ ignorance) and gullibility and foolishness in this pair which I think we all acknowledge was on display.

    But I also recognise the symptoms of extreme stress caused by 24/7 bullying, whether from the British establishment, the right wing element of the Fourth Estate, the lenses of the paparazzi, or the perusal of gawping Joe Public.

    There are the remarks that contain the paradox of “she’s an actress, it’s all fake” but also “she’s a third-rate actress anyway”; and “she’s a poor little rich girl, she doesn’t deserve sympathy” from people who display not a sign of empathy.

    I really don’t know why so many people have a yearning to be famous because the price to be paid is terrible.

    • I completely agree with you. So, if I truly want to believe her words, namely, that she knew nothing about the man she was going to marry and his family, II can say that we have another sheer example of how important education is. Had she taken the trouble of searching the information she needed, she would not have suffered that much and avoided the stress of her role.

  6. First, I have to think about the metaphors which are running through the mouths of the European: Italians; Macaroni eaters, Germans: Potato eaters, Englanders: Chips&Fish eaters, and so on. 😂
    But about this miserable happening. I am so glad that Meghan had talked her heart out, and Harry has got a lot of courageous from his mother Diana, to let her speak so freely.
    I knew those days a little about the suffering of Diana but, after watching the TV series The Crown on Netflix, I understood how Diana had really suffered! I don’t know if you have seen this, but it is worth watching. Have a great weekend, my wise friend. 🤗💖🥰

    • My dear genius, Harry and Meghan would have been truly brave, if they had left their privileges behind and lived their life as they wanted. They had money, a lot of money and so much fame to make even more money ( and they will) a lovely child and another one in being. They could have been free, happy, light. But it was not enough. The attack to the Royal Family in that way was just gratuitous.
      The sufferings of Diana are a completely different story that has nothing to do with Meghan. 😘😘🙋🏼

  7. I never liked her in “Suits” . . . or any role she played, including this one.

    Not that I’m a fan of Royalty, but these people are adults . . . they should don their big pantaloons and suffer like all the other multi-millionaires.

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