#WitchWeek2020 Day 2: A Gothic Reading of The Betrothed

Lizzie Ross

Today’s guest blogger, e-Tinkerbell, lives in Italy, so it’s no surprise that she brings this classic Italian novel from the 19th century to our attention. e-Tinkerbell is a high school English teacher who loves literature, history… and shoes. She blogs at e-Tinkerbell. All translations from the Italian are hers. Buona lettura!

The Betrothed (I Promessi Sposi*) is well known as an iconic love story, like Romeo and Juliet, but it is actually much more than this. We are talking about the greatest Italian novel of modern times and its author, Alessandro Manzoni, is considered the main Italian novelist of the 19thcentury and leader of the nation’s romantic movement. “With the exception of Dante’s Comedy, no other book has been the object of more intense scrutiny or more intense scholarship” writes the Italian scholar Sergio Pacifici. The Betrothed, in fact, still forms an…

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6 thoughts on “#WitchWeek2020 Day 2: A Gothic Reading of The Betrothed

  1. I’ve posted a comment on Lizzie’s blog so I’ll just add that I really enjoyed your excellent synopsis and analysis of ‘The Betrothed’, Stefy, and that I hope to get to read it in the not too distant future! 🙂

    • I am truly glad you enjoyed it. I think the post was a bit too long, but I haven’t been able to trim it. Looking forward for your analysis when you have the time. Once again, thank you for including me in the witch week lot. 🙋🏼

      • I wouldn’t have wanted you to trim it as there was so much fascinating detail included! And it was (still is!) an absolute pleasure for Lizzie and me to have your themed contribution for this year’s event. 🙂

  2. I read this before a holiday to Italy a few years ago …. in the Good Old Days, when you could actually leave the country, instead of worrying that the police might question you if you were more than a few miles from home during lockdown! Interesting book.

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