Plague: The Time of Experience

It is not a simple flu. I was wrong, but in one thing I was right: leap years are ill fated. When I wrote the previous article about Covid-19 diffusion in Italy, that was the situation: 378 people had been infected, 12 had died and all of them suffered from serious pathologies. Nothing that serious, I believed; but things have worsened soon. At the time being this is the updated bulletin: 5883 infected, 1247 new cases since yesterday, 589 have recovered so far and 233 have died. In only 10 days. It is not a simple flu.

Let’s explain why. 1) A normal flu is seasonal, it mutates, therefore, it is always slightly different from the virus of the year before, that is why we are not completely immune, even if we have been infected. Being a variant of the flu virus of the year before, we are only partially immune. Each of us has a different immunity rate, which depends on age, health conditions etc. . We are not immune to Covid-19 and it is very contagious.2) We know how the seasonal flu virus works and we produce new vaccines every year, because, as we have just said, the flu virus mutates. We have no vaccine for Covid-19. 3) We have medicines to cure or relieve flu symptoms, while there is no cure for Covid-19. Not yet. 4) A normal flu may sometimes degenerate into a bacterial pneumonia, which, however, may be treated with antibiotics, for example. If Covid-19 reaches the lower parts of the respiratory system, it may cause a viral pneumonia, for which there is no treatment. In the case the virus develops to that stage (10% of the patients), hospitalization is required and the most serious cases need ICU. And this is the problem, because the average stay in ICU is usually 2/3 weeks. Too long.

Beds in hospitals are not infinite, they are at the limit of total saturation and we may get to the point when there will be none left, hence, we won’t be able to treat patients properly from the complications of the infection. So what can be done? Well, only following the health protocol, staying at home to avoid feeding the spread of the virus from person to person and hope that it will stop sooner or later. We must make the virus less contagious so that to decrease the number of infected people and give everybody the opportunity of being cured.

In the meantime our life has changed. The country is reacting mostly paralyzing any activity and this has and will have serious consequences on our economy. Schools have been closed till (at least ) March 15th. It is today’s news that those living in Lombardy and other 14 provinces won’t be allowed to leave their sites till April 3rd. It is as if we were caught in a limbo and we can do nothing but give up any social life and wait. Things are going so fast that I bet this article will be old by the time I post it, that is: now.





21 thoughts on “Plague: The Time of Experience

    • Things had changed from the previous post and an update was necessary.And things have changed since yesterday, if you think that today the number of the infected is 7375. 1500 more than yesterday.

      • Yes it is very fluid. I read yesterday that over 110000 have the virus and over 3000 deaths according to There are 3 reported cases in the country Colombia where I live.

  1. True and on one side so scary, but also sad really sad, maily due to the impossibility to meet and hug each other and let our children play together because what Is important Is seriously submit to our own sense of duty thinking of those who might have serious complications like children with other deseases.

  2. Just heard 1/4 of the population is being put on lockdown (not sure how they will enforce it).

    News and articles about the potential spread and eventual cost (both monetary and in human lives) are grim. Being in the age group that Corona most likes to mess with, we’re already taking more precautions than most people we see.

    Being retired — and generally averse to socializing and attending events where crowds (more than 3 people) might gather — it’s easier for us to isolate ourselves.

    On a lighter side, I’m hoping someone writes a song (to the tune of Marina) that goes something like:
    “Corona, Corona, Corona,
    Ti voglio al piu presto dimenticar.”

    I’m probably dating myself here.

    Anyway, stay safe.

    • Thank you Emilio.True, part of the North has been put on lockdown, but, as soos as the decree was emanated,many of those coming from the South and working in the North went straight back to their Southern sites thus disregarding the decree – the usual Italian way – .

    • You can’t confine the Italian spirit of independence and freedom!

      Seriously, it’s not just Italians. There are always people who rationalize rules don’t apply to their specific situation.

      Plus, I don’t see how it’s enforceable . . . until it gets really bad and anyone traveling is killed by mobs . . . oh, wait . . . there won’t be mobs; snipers, perhaps.

  3. Indeed, you mean that and you are right dear friend. Today my wife and I must stay at home first because of a suspected indirect connection to someone who had direct contact to an infected person! Anyhow we got released from this but it looks very chaotic situation 🤪
    Take care and be safe dearest Stefy ❤❤

    • This is a disaster . We will be shattered by the outbreak eventually. The country has been put on lockdown at least till April 3 rd. We must stay at home and leave it only if strictly necessary. Think about what will happen to the economy, tourism , for example, and about how many people are losing or will lose their jobs. It is a disaster.
      Hope you and your wife are fine.

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