“Spelacchio”, a Farewell.

It is now official: “Spelacchio” is dead. He couldn’t make it for Christmas, and now it has become a long, slender, bare, dry , lifeless tree dressed up with lights and balls which, let me say,  make  “Spelacchio” even more pathetic, if possible. What did it kill it ? Well, it seems it was the cool wind from the North which has blown over the capital for a couple of days – I have to say that it has been unusually cold these days here – that stroke the last mortal blow. Strange indeed, however, as firs don’t grow at tropical latitudes as far as I know, unless this one was of a peculiar kind.

However, if “Spelacchio” aimed at becoming a celeb, somehow it did it, even if for the wrong reasons. Lots of articles from all over the world have narrated its slow agony, and if “Spelacchio” (mangy) has sounded so pejorative, a newspaper from Moscow , Russia Today, has even been less genteel defining it “toiled brush“. Even the “Ghana News Agency” had something to say about it with an article entitled: “No Christmas Joy in Rome“.

However, the reason why this story has enraged all Roman citizens lies in its symbolism. “Spelacchio” represents, in fact, “the eternal city’s eternal decay” as The Guardian defined it. And there is no sign of any improvement. The capital has been in a state of chronic stagnation since Virginia Raggi, the bright star of the anti-establishment 5-star movement, has become Mayor of Rome. The streets are full of pot holes, there are piles of garbage everywhere, public gardens are often unkempt with weeds that grow as tall as a person. Even the Pope himself has decried the state of the city in a public celebration before the Mayor. Words unheard, of course.

So, farewell “Spelacchio”. I am sorry we have not been more welcoming with you, but try to understand us if you can. You were to be that ephemeral beauty, that sparkling illusion that lasts only few weeks . A childish illusion, indeed, which would have made us forget for a while the ugliness that surrounds us every day, giving a little hope. Maybe next year? Maybe.

11 thoughts on ““Spelacchio”, a Farewell.

  1. Shocking to the core, like all the irresponsible government and defacement of civilization we are witnessing locally and internationally – but the neglect of Rome is the most fitting symbol. At least there’s a Pope aware and worthy of his office. Thank you for your excellent blog.

    • Furthemore, those who had sold the sick tree offered to change it with another one, but the Mayor and her administrators didn’t want to, because it would have been like admitting their failure. In fact, before the ugliness of the tree caused by the rapid loss of its green mantle, they had said that it was elegant and sober. 😩 Once more, thanks a lot for your kind support.
      Stefy 🙋

  2. It would seem to me Rome would have to have been in decline before the current administration for things to be that bad. Mind you, I’m not defending any given party (especially as I have no panini in the race). Just saying that things like governments have inertia.

    For instance, Trump is taking credit for measures that were put in place during the prior administration and that are only now bearing some fruit. At the same time, he’s enacting policies whose bill (and consequences) will come due after he’s moved on.

    Again, that might not be the case for everything; some things can likely be directly blamed (picking up garbage, although even there it depends on contracts and unions and likely other stuff), but potholes don’t show up that quickly on roads that have been properly maintained (or properly constructed in the first place).

    But, I’m here in Hawaii, so I can’t speak to Rome’s potholes and garbage problems. I can, however, speak to Italy’s financial problems . . . those have been building for a long, long time.

    • Of course Emilio, the Mayor is not the cause of the decline, but in these 19 months she did nothing,and when I say nothing, I mean it. The five-star party ( which is predicted to get the majority in the next elections) has become popular promising radical “change” , while what we have experienced so far is only rooted stagnation. 😒
      Merry Christmas, Emilio. 🙋🎄

    • Thanks, e-tb. We had a nice relaxing day; hope yours was pleasant as well.

      As for what you are experiencing — and given the current situation here — I can’t even begin to tell you how much I envy a crappy leader who does nothing . . . in contrast to our crappy leader who does things that are far from helpful.

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