Do you really believe Miss Elizabeth Bennet was in love with Mr Darcy? Noooooo.

pride 1

First of all, I would like to start thanking Miss Jane Austen for having conceived the second greatest girlish fantasy soon after Prince Charming: Mr Darcy. But, my dear ladies, it’s time to say it clearly: in the real world Mr Darcy does NOT exist. It’s a sad truth, I admit, but we have to learn to face this harsh reality. Therefore, I would like to study well the character of the lucky one who has succeeded in winning his heart, at least in the fictional world, and marrying for love: Miss Elizabeth Bennet.

pride 4Why her? What is that something that has bewitched Mr Fabulous, a handsome, elegant, generous, trustworthy man with an income of 10 thousand pounds a year? Because, as far as we know, Elizabeth is pretty, but not that pretty, her sister Jane is far more attractive than her, furthermore, she doesn’t seem to possess the necessary accomplishments that a girl required: she cannot draw, she doesn’t speak any languages, well, actually, she plays and sings but “tolerably well“. Last but not least, Lizzy has an embarrassing family that cannot provide her with a decent dowry in order to turn her into a desirable catch, as “last chance man” Mr Collins had predicted.

pride 2So what? This Elizabeth Bennet seems to me a girl just like many others, perhaps a bit more intelligent and witty, that is all. Differently from the other ladies she doesn’t seem to be beguiled by Mr Darcy’s superior rank and wealth. Really? In my opinion she just played hard to get, this is the point. Men like this game, especially if they are convinced to win, but they eventually end up caught in the lady’s trap. Darcy is just one of them. Elizabeth says she is determined to marry for love and not for money, this is commendable, yet I am not persuaded.

pride 5When does she exactly realize that she is in love with Mr Darcy? After having read his explanatory letter? Or when she knows that he had secretly rescued the whole family from disgrace? When? Actually, I have the answer: in a trip to Derbyshire. Elizabeth and her uncle and aunt stop to visit Mr Darcy’s “hut”: Pemberley. Elizabeth seems a kind of unwilling to go, because she is afraid of meeting the man, I know, but when she sees this sort of Buckingham Palace surrounded by woods, ponds, streams she realizes something which I wouldn’t call love, exactly: “ I could have been mistress of all this” she muses sighing. When Mr Darcy unexpectedly shows up after a while, we will see a complete different Miss Bennet: more yielding and ready to flirt. Just like any other girl.

46 thoughts on “Do you really believe Miss Elizabeth Bennet was in love with Mr Darcy? Noooooo.

  1. I think he loved her for more for her brain. She was different than the other girls. I liked that about her. He was rich and snobby. I did not care for him at first but, eventually he did grow into a decent guy ❤

  2. Love the post. My favorite book. I don’t know that Jane Austen meant Darcy to be as smoldering as we picture him. I do think our contemporary hearth throb view has been greatly influenced by Colin Firth’s portrayal of Darcy. Firth is hard to resist, even at his character’s worst. Darcy was portrayed by David Rintoul in an earlier BBC production of P&P and the viewer was not left sighing when Darcy took Elizabeth’s arm to walk across the field. His Darcy never really unbent. Perhaps what Jane Austen considered love in terms of marriage was more pragmatic that today’s.

    • You are right, I saw that production and that Darcy was stiffer and more haughty than the torn, passionate character interpreted by Colin Firth, the best Darcy ever, even in Bridget Jones. 🙂

  3. Thank you Mrs. Tink for shattering dreams.

    So at the end of the day all that romantic idealism…..puff! vanishes, she´s just another one of those that sees money, high society, and “falls in love” with the man, there is another word for it, gold digger!( I can find another word for it also) So no more dreams for me of romanticism……but fun read.

  4. I thinks she was… However they were like too different weren’t they… Nowadays Elizabeth would be a feminist… An incurable single… everlasting love?… Well, that’s pretty much an unattainable ideal!. Best wishes, dear Stefi, Aquileana 😛

  5. Love this post. I have just finished to read this wonderful novel! I absolutely agree with you!.When Lizzy Bennet visits Pemberley, she understands that maybe she should have accepted Mr Darcy’s proposal 😉
    Enjoy your holidays prof.ssa Gioffrè. See you in september!

    • Hi Gloria!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I know it is a little unromantic read, but as woman I know women well and Elizabeth Bennet is no exception. See you soon then. Hugs. Teach. 🙂

  6. You may be right, but as a romantic girl, I want to believe that she really fell in love with him. This book is called pride and prejudice after all, and we all know that prejudices can be wrong. Maybe she looked at him with other eyes and realized he was just a little bit shy. Anyway I understand Elizabeth if she changed her mind looking how rich and beautiful he was, for such a man is worth getting over her first impressions.

  7. In my opinion she fell in love with Mr.Darcy when she went through her first impression about him, otherwise when she realized what a beautiful person he is despite the appearances. We could think that she fell in love with him just for his money, but with the knowledge of her character this could sound impossible.

  8. Elizabeth obviously had a crush for Darcy even if she has many reasons to hate him, but she is a smart girl, and she knew Darcy had a weak behaviour, so after seeing his mansion she started to flirt with him. Maybe it’s morally wrong but anybody would have done it.

  9. Honestly I disagree. I think that Lizzy’s character is not very good at judging people at first sight, but still sticks to her first impression. Her initial dislike of Darcy was fired up by other people’s poor judgement about Darcy and she couldn’t see the good in him. Seeing Darcy’s Mansion in Permberly was important for Lizzy’s change of heart about him, but it was not the only reason that caused her attitude towards him. Besides I think it wasn’t just the house but mostly the conversation she had with the housekeeper, the first person that talked good of Darcy, that gave more insight in Darcy’s character.

  10. In my opinion Elizabeth is really in love with mr. Darcy, he’s handsome and gradually she found out new things about him so she realise that her first impression was wrong, in fact she needed time to really understand his character…
    That’s why she fell in love with him and obviously she’s happy that he also has a stunning house, but I believe this doesn’t make someone fall in love.

  11. I don’t entirely agree, because I think that Elizabeth was in love with him before seeing his mansion in Pemberly. I think she started appreciating him a few moments later she read his letter.

  12. In my opinion Elizabeth fell in love with Mr.Darcy after his propose, when she read the letter that he sent her to answer her accusations. Reading that letter Elizabeth went beyond the first impression that she had of him when she met him at the ball at Mr.Bingley’house and she realized that Mr.Darcy is not the person she thought he was. And even if Elizabeth can’t sing or draw or play music, she is a very smart girl and I think that Mr.Darcy loves her because of it.

  13. Of course, Elizabeth hated Mr. Darcy at first but I think she began to like him after reading his letters about Mr. Wickham affair. Surely the vision of the great house of Pemberly was an incentive for her appreciation

  14. In my opinion, to say that Lizy is not in love with Darcy is a bit exaggerated, however it is quite evident that she is very much on her account because of the first impression she had of Mr Darcy, and that in part it is her pride to block her , but looking at the situation in a less romantic and more realistic way it is also true that her attitude changes after seeing Mr. Darcy’s beautiful house. So in my opinion, this “indecision” by Lizy has certainly been helped by Darcy’s belongings.

  15. In my opinion Elizabeth The first time she saw Mr. Darcy had an interest for him, but for his behavior had a bad first impression of him. I think that over the time she had a love-hate for him. Love because she was interested in him rather than the other part (so the hate) because his behavior wasn’t the best and the fake information by Wickam didn’t help.
    At the end when Elisabeth realized that Mr. Darcy wasn’t anything of this she fall in love with him.

  16. After Elizabeth’s exclamation at the sight of Pemberley and his willingness to flirt with Mr. Darcy, we can suggest that the girl changes her idea of Mr. Fabulous only for his money and his property. Surely these factors help a lot Lizzy in his choice, but in my opinion the girl falls in love after the marriage proposal, when she read the letter about Mr Whickam and talked with the housekeeper, in this moment she understands that he does not have a bad soul and that her first impressions, as it often happens, were wrong.

  17. I think Elizabeth like all women is attracted to money, but also that she already loved Darcy but for what he had done to her sister she could not accept as a matter of pride.

  18. In my opinion Elizabeth is in love with Mr Darcy but she denies it to herself, Mr Darcy and the other people cause her pruod imposes that to her. She doesn’t accept that she is in love with a man who didn’t consider her able even to seduce him.

  19. Mr Darcy may seem from the first impressions an arrogant and obnoxious man for his ways but they can be like in his case only appearances,Elizabeth was obviously fell in love, i believe that was only for love, maybe the house gave only a little help….

  20. I don’t think Darcy enjoys Lizzy playing hard to get, just because he could seem a very trivial man if represented in this way, while Jane Austen has always described him as a smart and handsome prince. I believe that Darcy is truely fond of Lizzy, who is a girl like many others (just a little more smart and witty, as you said), of course, but undeniably special for the man. So, I think the problem in their relationship is that Lizzy is not so clever as she looks like…better: her pride and her prejudice are a great wall limiting her mind and her feelings. She ISN’T ABLE to open herself, in a way she won’t ever be able to have feelings like Jane will, although her sister is certainly less intelligent. Lizzy will get her choise, eventually, but she won’t be in bad faith, she will just understand a little more the man who Mr. Darcy was (thanks to the new pieces of information she will get). Just to conclude, while Lizzy criticizes Darcy when he talks about love without really understanding it, although is right Lizzy the girl who seems more romantic among all the characters, in my opinion she isn’t very able to deeply feel the sentiment she talks about. (For what concerns Darcy’s modest home…well, I think it’s just another dream element which Jane Austen would make fun of us with!)

  21. I think that the sight of Pemberley property is only one of the many factors that changed Elizabeth’s judgment of Mr. Darcy. I also believe that, when Elizabeth went to Pemberley, she changed her attitude even for the good speeches of the servant towards Mr. Darcy, not exclusively for the great property that he owns.

  22. For what concerne me, I believe that, as the original title “First impressions” says, both of the protagonist of the scene, based their judgements on the first impressions they left each other when they saw for the first time at the Ball. But with the time they understand that their first judgements were wrong and both find out they were in love.

  23. In my opinion, Elizabeth started seeing Mr. Darcy with new eyes after reading the letter. She realize he wasn´t as she thought at first. But when she went at Pemberly and listened how the housekeeper talked about him, she feelt a little affection. After meeting him in the place, Mr. Darcy acts kindly with her aunt, uncle and herself; althought he was in right to just be cordial. Later, when she discovered he helped her sister Lydia, she really started falling for him. I mean, the man was giving money, and in some way pride, to Wickham, the man who acts very disrepectful towards the memory of his father, just for her sake.
    Probably, one part of the first good feelings for him were taking hands with the watch of his mansion and money, and who won´t? But I don´t really think it was what make her accepted him.

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