Do you really believe Miss Elizabeth Bennet was in love with Mr Darcy? Noooooo.

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First of all, I would like to start thanking Miss Jane Austen for having conceived the second greatest girlish fantasy soon after Prince Charming: Mr Darcy. But, my dear ladies, it’s time to say it clearly: in the real world Mr Darcy does NOT exist. It’s a sad truth, I admit, but we have to learn to face this harsh reality. Therefore, I would like to study well the character of the lucky one who has succeeded in winning his heart, at least in the fictional world, and marrying for love: Miss Elizabeth Bennet.

pride 4Why her? What is that something that has bewitched Mr Fabulous, a handsome, elegant, generous, trustworthy man with an income of 10 thousand pounds a year? Because, as far as we know, Elizabeth is pretty, but not that pretty, her sister Jane is far more attractive than her, furthermore, she doesn’t seem to possess the necessary accomplishments that a girl required: she cannot draw, she doesn’t speak any languages, well, actually, she plays and sings but “tolerably well“. Last but not least, Lizzy has an embarrassing family that cannot provide her with a decent dowry in order to turn her into a desirable catch, as “last chance man” Mr Collins had predicted.

pride 2So what? This Elizabeth Bennet seems to me a girl just like many others, perhaps a bit more intelligent and witty, that is all. Differently from the other ladies she doesn’t seem to be beguiled by Mr Darcy’s superior rank and wealth. Really? In my opinion she just played hard to get, this is the point. Men like this game, especially if they are convinced to win, but they eventually end up caught in the lady’s trap. Darcy is just one of them. Elizabeth says she is determined to marry for love and not for money, this is commendable, yet I am not persuaded.

pride 5When does she exactly realize that she is in love with Mr Darcy? After having read his explanatory letter? Or when she knows that he had secretly rescued the whole family from disgrace? When? Actually, I have the answer: in a trip to Derbyshire. Elizabeth and her uncle and aunt stop to visit Mr Darcy’s “hut”: Pemberley. Elizabeth seems a kind of unwilling to go, because she is afraid of meeting the man, I know, but when she sees this sort of Buckingham Palace surrounded by woods, ponds, streams she realizes something which I wouldn’t call love, exactly: “ I could have been mistress of all this” she muses sighing. When Mr Darcy unexpectedly shows up after a while, we will see a complete different Miss Bennet: more yielding and ready to flirt. Just like any other girl.


27 thoughts on “Do you really believe Miss Elizabeth Bennet was in love with Mr Darcy? Noooooo.

  1. I think he loved her for more for her brain. She was different than the other girls. I liked that about her. He was rich and snobby. I did not care for him at first but, eventually he did grow into a decent guy ❀

  2. Love the post. My favorite book. I don’t know that Jane Austen meant Darcy to be as smoldering as we picture him. I do think our contemporary hearth throb view has been greatly influenced by Colin Firth’s portrayal of Darcy. Firth is hard to resist, even at his character’s worst. Darcy was portrayed by David Rintoul in an earlier BBC production of P&P and the viewer was not left sighing when Darcy took Elizabeth’s arm to walk across the field. His Darcy never really unbent. Perhaps what Jane Austen considered love in terms of marriage was more pragmatic that today’s.

    • You are right, I saw that production and that Darcy was stiffer and more haughty than the torn, passionate character interpreted by Colin Firth, the best Darcy ever, even in Bridget Jones. πŸ™‚

  3. Thank you Mrs. Tink for shattering dreams.

    So at the end of the day all that romantic idealism…..puff! vanishes, sheΒ΄s just another one of those that sees money, high society, and “falls in love” with the man, there is another word for it, gold digger!( I can find another word for it also) So no more dreams for me of romanticism……but fun read.

  4. I thinks she was… However they were like too different weren’t they… Nowadays Elizabeth would be a feminist… An incurable single… everlasting love?… Well, that’s pretty much an unattainable ideal!. Best wishes, dear Stefi, Aquileana πŸ˜›

  5. Love this post. I have just finished to read this wonderful novel! I absolutely agree with you!.When Lizzy Bennet visits Pemberley, she understands that maybe she should have accepted Mr Darcy’s proposal πŸ˜‰
    Enjoy your holidays prof.ssa Gioffrè. See you in september!

    • Hi Gloria!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I know it is a little unromantic read, but as woman I know women well and Elizabeth Bennet is no exception. See you soon then. Hugs. Teach. πŸ™‚

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