Rome : The Blind Date

I can’t remember how I came across Sue’s blog, but I can tell you that I was soon captured by her vision of life and particularly how Sue and her husband Dave , who live in Calgary, traveled around the world. A bike and off you go: Greece, Turkey, Portugal , Spain, Croatia, Italy, it sounded so Kerouac’s “On the road”, so beautifully romantic. We’ve been following each other for almost a year and when she said that she was planning another tour in Italy and stop for the first time in Rome, where I live, well it was the great occasion to meet at last ( this is the wonder of blogging).
We did our best to shield Sue and Dave in the dangerous maze of Roman traffic, especially while crossing the roads, and chaperon them in the “eternal city”. I admit, we haven’t been the most exhaustive guides, as very often at Sue’s questions, what is this or that, my typical explicit answer was: ” oh, it’s a church, a column…, you know” . I’m sure I would have given a better impression if she had asked about the best shops in town, but she didn’t.
Here will find the short narration of our ” blind date”, and you may follow the adventures around Italy of the two amazing Canadians at Sue’s blog.
It has been great to meet you. Have a great trip and hope to meet you soon.

Travel Tales of Life


Welcome to Rome

Map 1 (Rome)

1.Rome 2.Pompeii 3.Positano 4.Cortona 5.Montepulciano 6.Bagno Vignoni 7.San Casciano 8.Sorano  9.Orvieto 10.Camogli 11.Nice

“What do you think of this outfit?”

I stand before Hubby with my third set of clothing in five minutes.

” It looks good and so did the others” says the ever patient, politically correct and well trained husband of plus thirty years.

In the hot and humid hazy afternoon in Rome my fashion consultant and I finally come up with a wardrobe selection. Already in a sweat, before having stepped out the door of the hotel, we sit and wait for our blind dates.

“Do you think you will recognize her?” queries Hubby.

At that moment, with bright smiles, our Italian dates breeze through the door. Stefy who blogs at e-Tinkerbell and her husband, known to her followers as Mr. Run, had kindly arranged to tour us about their home city.

Many of you will know the…

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6 thoughts on “Rome : The Blind Date

  1. Stefy Dave and I are sitting having dinner grinning ear to ear reading this. I’m not sure shielding us from the traffic actually covers it , possibly saving our lives more accurate. Today we stuck out our arms with great Italian flair and aggressively crossed roads following your mentoring. We are happy to report we are alive and well. On a side note we found following nuns to be very helpful too.
    A thousand thanks to you and Mr Run for a wonderful afternoon. Till we meet again!

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