That’s why I don’t want to be Jane Eyre



A couple of days ago I saw a headline on Il Corriere della Sera , which caught my attention: Perchètutte (o quasi) vorremmo essere Jane Eyre di Charlotte Bronte” ( That’s why all of us (or almost all) would like to be Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte).It was a kind of  interesting, because, actually Jane Eyre has never been one of my favourite heroines, and certainly not one I naturally identify with,  maybe Angela Frenda, the journalist who wrote the article, had new fresh hints to offer.

Jane Eyre belongs to category of the Bildungsroman, if fact we see her moral, psychological, and intellectual development from her early youth to a more mature age. Jane is an orphan left in the care of a cruel aunt, who gets rid of her very soon and sends her to a horrible school for girls, Lowood, to become a governess. After many years of troubles and hard work, she…

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14 thoughts on “That’s why I don’t want to be Jane Eyre

  1. Great blog. I’m ashamed (am I?) to say I don’t know Jane Eyre very well. Some books i wonder may be time-specific: mean a lot at certain times as events and cultural points coincide. This may be one.
    i wish i enjoyed the Bronte’s more.I live near a similar environment, but it’s meaning is so different to me. I do not wish to get into gender here; it is a bit of a mine-field.

    What a delightful blog site!

  2. Jane Eyre is a quiet heroine in the best sense of the word, there is nothing flashy or fake about her. She is like a little white dove in a world of peacocks. Always one of my favorite heroines–thanks for writing on this topic.

  3. I read the book when I was but a child myself, and enjoyed it well enough back then. The film version with Orsen Wells in the role of Mr Rochester, 1943 is a firm favourite with me however. I have never wanted to be Jane Eyre, I’m more likely to be his mad wife in the attic heh. They say that all women wish to be rescued and romanced by the likes of Mr Darcey too, but they are once again misguided, as I very much do not. I’m just not that kind of cloud I guess 😉 Thank you for the follow – sonmicloud

  4. It is impossible to deny the fact that Jane Eyre is a wonderful woman, and a wonderful person. She started having nothing, not even the love of her family: she was bullied by her aunt and then sent away to Lowood, a terrible school for girls. Yet she manages to find what was considered a respectable job, the governess.
    What I like about her is that she never settles, rejecting mr Rochester’s proposal and going away from Thornfield.
    Sure, I would like to be like her, I would like to be as tough, as resilient and as determined as she is. But I would never wish her life: she had to go through hell in order to have a good life!
    I would never want to experience something like this.

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