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Wish_List_(Magic_Lamp)If you could rub the Lamp of Aladdin and ask the genius to make one wish to come true, but only one, what would you choose? Love, success, fortune, health or what else? Are you sure you will be able to take the right decision with no regrets afterwards? I actually wouldn’t know what to pick, maybe health, however, I’m going to give you a couple of examples in literature to demonstrate that this is a question that has to be pondered carefully, before giving an answer, otherwise the consequences could be devastating.

cumaeSibyl of Cumae was a prophetess in service to Apollo and a renowned beauty. Apollo wished to take her as his lover and was ready to offer her anything she desired. Unfortunately she didn’t ponder on her answer and instinctively asked to defy death: she wanted to live forever. It was easy for Apollo to grant her wish, he was a powerful god after all, but still she refused to become his lover. Greek gods were usually of a revengeful kind, and Apollo’s revenge consisted in granting Sibyl’s wish anyway, as he knew that giving that answer she had doomed herself to misery. In fact the boon Sybil had chosen was one of a cruellest kind. She wouldn’t have died just like anybody else but she would have kept growing older and older and older.

imagesVC9Q2RUJShe lived for hundreds of years, each year becoming smaller and frailer. When Trimalchio speaks of her in the Satyricon, she is little more than a tourist attraction, tiny, ancient, confined:I saw with my own eyes the Sibyl at Cumae hanging in a cage, and when the boys said to her: “Sibyl, what do you want?” she answered: “I want to die.” This is the scene Eliot quotes at the beginning of the Waste Land. The Sybil had given the wrong answer. Immortality doesn’t actually mean eternal happiness because time keeps on reminding its presence painfully “wasting” our bodies. But, had she asked for eternal beauty?

imagesUR2ZX0G4The moment  Dorian Gray may see the picture that celebrates his remarkable beauty, suddenly realizes that his charm very soon will slip away. He will never be as attractive as the portrait which stands in front of him. That picture will keep on reminding his inevitable decay. There are no gods or devils here, but his intense wish of eternal beauty is granted, therefore magically Dorian will remain young while the portrait grows old and ugly in his place. Time won’t touch his features but it will still be able to “waste”  his soul. In fact the portrait, which stands for Dorian’s conscience, will record the consequences of a life of debauchery, and every sin or crime committed will result in the disfigurement of its form. Dorian won’t bear to look at the picture any longer and he will destroy it, thus killing his true self. Therefore neither eternal youth nor immortality are the key to happiness. Ergo, what could the right answer be?


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  1. Problably I would choose to possess the power of telekinesis because you can do everithing you want, for example to overcome the biggest obstacles with the minimum effort.

  2. Since I was a kid ,Aladdin has always been my favourite Disney movie and I have always wondered why, If he could not ask for an unlimited amount of wishes ,he did not ask for more geniuses .
    However If it was not an option I would choose immortality ,because in an immortal life you don’t have to care about health problems and you can achieve ,sooner or later ,money and success .
    Basically through immortality you can have or at least try to have whatever you desire .

  3. If could I have a wish I would ask for happiness, because isn’ t it the goal of asking for a wish?
    In my opinion in fact being happy is the only way to live well and it would be really handy to obtain felicity so easily.

  4. Regardless the convenience of having a wish fulfilled just asking it is opinable the idea of totally entrusting your-self to a supernatural force able to control your destiny. Moreover I like the idea that I don’t need a lamp to obtain what i want from life.

  5. So many times I asked myself what my mish would be if I had the chance to make it. It’s hard to find the right answer, needs change as we grow up, and so do wishes. Choosing between love, success, money, health, or even immortality it is basically impossible, and as soon as we will get one of them, we will feel like we miss something else.
    Moreover, getting what I want without effort doesn’t make me feel satisfied. I cannot appreciate something that I didn’t fight for, (perhaps it works just for me).
    “Choose Happiness” you could say, but how could I be always happy without experiencing sadness?
    My worst fear is to die alone and unloved, I’ve experienced loneliness and it makes me weak.
    My family, few friends are what truly makes me happy. If I could make I wish, I would choose to be always surrounded by people I love and that love me back.

  6. Actually, I have never imagined which wish I would ask if I had one, as I have always been quite a realistic person, who has never liked having false hopes. For this reason, I am not sure about which desire I would ask, as I know that no one will make it true. However, I would probably choose something that may seem strange, something not personal with no negative implications in the future. I wish everyone could learn to respect others: we live in a society that is going crazy and people do not care anymore about who surrounds them. We have completely lost our sense of community and mutual help, which were strong in the past, and now our minds are set on ourselves. I do not want to analyse why it happened, because there are many factors, but I am sure that if this desire could be satisfied, maybe in an idealistic world that, unfortunately, cannot exist, we would live happier and more relaxed, without all that stress and hate that are destroying our lives.

  7. If I could pick just one desire, it wouldn’t be a life of mere happiness: eventually I would take it for granted and I wouldn’t be excited, thrilled, surprised about anything anymore; unfortunately, we need pain to distinguish and enhance pleasure. Wishes like the capability of flying, time traveling or being forever young are as attracting and tempting as very dangerous and risky, and I don’t think they are worth the peril.
    So I thought, when we are little we have free time and leisure, we are thoughtless and carefree but we aren’t able to appreciate it, because we don’t know what studying, working, having problems and concerns mean. Teenagers instead live a life of uncertainties and insecurities, even though they could run the world, and most of the adults would like to be one of them. The reality is that every age has negative and positive aspects, but it seems like we can’t understand the latter. So what if we could really enjoy and appreciate the life that we are actually living? That would be great. Maybe we don’t even need a magic lamp to accomplish it: it may sounds ordinary but I really think that we just have to emphasize and value all the little precious things, and never take them for granted.

  8. In my opinion, everything in life can be achieved by willpower. If I could have a chance to make a wish I would ask to be a little taller, which is the only thing I can’t achieve with it. In fact, my stature has always influenced all the sports I’ve done, even though I did my best every day to achieve my goals.

  9. I would probably choose the ability to modify matter at the atomic level, which wuold create a lot of different possibilities.

  10. Honestly the idea of getting something as a miracle doesn’t seem real and authentic. Howewer I would choose something that is really important like being healthy.

  11. I think that this is the one million dollar question because I do not really know what to choose. I believe that I would choose love , so my family and my friends because if you have them you will be for ever happy. But money would not be bad…

  12. I would probably choose to travel around the world( and more if possible) with the people i love whenever I want without thinking of economics problems

  13. If i could rob the lamp of Aladdin probably wishes like immortality,eternal beauty or time travel aren’t a good idea. Also i’d reather to archieve things like fame, money ,success and happiness by myself. So i will ask for three wishes (because i have three and i can’t decide) .First of all i would choose health and a little of extra time for the people i love( family,friends) because i don’t want to see them suffer and time is never enough. The second one is to see the future ,not mine, but the future of the humanity, of the universe for example what will happen in 3000 d.C. because i cant handle the fact that i will not hable to see it. The third one is a little stupid but i know is the dream of everybody : to eat whatever i want without getting fat.

  14. Veronica Blasi 5.A
    That’s actually a difficult question…
    If i could ask the genius to make one wish to come true, I will pick maybe health or money.
    I don’t know if it is a good choice… considering that life is ever changing. I would prefer to live as it comes without planning too much of it, because I might regret asking something rather than something else.
    If I chose money I could do anything and also can be generous with others. If I chose health I could live with no limits and able to work a lot without consequences and so doing I could enjoy my life.
    I am not interested in success, I don’t think it is a priority, I would rather choose love considering that we cannot trust human love. Human love is not forever… Maybe the genius would help the wish of being love for ever by the same person but honestly I will be sick of it.
    Prof. Scusi ma avevo capito di fare un testo cartaceo.

  15. After a long reflexion, I come up with the conclusion that nothing could be desired, because everything depends on us. If you want to become rich, find a profitable job and economize; if you want a healty life just make it happen, changing your diet and your lifestile. It’s easy to complain about something you don’t have, without even trying.
    But if I have to believe that there is something, in this universe, that doesn’t listen to any rational laws, and you can’t control, I would desire to have fortune.
    Otherwise I would be happy to be able to fly.

  16. I think that my desire would be to have the ability to have what I want through words, in the workplace, at school or even, why not, in love. It would be fantastic to be able to have a high rating or a promotion by convincing a superior through a chat, it would be useful in many situations, probably even in court (hoping never to be in there). Maybe it might seem like a trivial thing that some people already have without the help of the Lamp of Aladdin, but it is impossible that it always works. Having a 100% success rate would make life would be much simpler, someone will think it is boring to have what you want without a minimum of challenge, however I do not think this way, in fact the time used to try and fail can be used in more efficient ways. Something that saves us time in our lives can be cosidered the most precious thing.

  17. Personally I don’t think there is a universally right answer.
    In reality I had never thought about what desire I would have chosen if I had found myself in such a situation and I must admit that I didn’t think it was so difficult to choose.
    But I think if I had only one wish I could ask the genius of the lamp I would choose to be successful in everything I do, but success not intended as fame, but as succeeding in everything, a bit like the effect of the potion of Harry Potter “Felix Felicis”, but without compromising the happiness of others.

  18. To have one of our wishes granted, what a wonderful and terrifying thing. Some would say that they’re too rational to believe in such fairy tales, others that they couldn’t enjoy things they didn’t work for… Nonsense! We all have dreams and hopes we fancy about, and to obtain one out of the many in such a easy and fast way, it’s just too tempting. I may sound silly, or trivial, but I do see the charm in immortality, a never-ending youth of health and possibilities. Time is the one thing we cannot control, we dispose of such a limited amount in this limitless world. Watching empires raising and falling, experiencing moments that go beyond our wildes imagination, seeing cultures developing, art, music, science…. and so much more awaits ahead of immortality. Just the thrill of defying time itself, it’s far above love, money, success and other petty desires. To find meanging in our “immortal life” it’s up to us, we must give it the meaning and live according to it, whether it is happiness or something else. Rejecting this opportunity for fear of loss, pain and sorrow, I think it’s a bit cowardly and contradictory: by renouncing all the infinite joys and beauties of an eternal life because of sadness and grief, it’s the same as giving up on life itself, long or short it be.

  19. Surely the chance too see done any wish, it would put anyone in trouble. One wish, that could solve any problems, make your life better, make you richer, more powerful or, why not, immortal. However, a similar chance can be dangerous in the wrong hands, wishing things that would endanger other people. They are so much the consequences that made a similar power in a human: realize a wish. It is so easy be moral on an argument, but personally i don’t think that i would wish something that could make me superior or something similar. If I really had the possibility to achieve a desire, I would obtein the job that I aspire from much time. surely it isn’t the work of dreams, but I would be indipendent and I could start a life depended from my decisions, much better to solve a life with only one wish.

  20. I agree that it is rather difficult to choose a single wish that can be satisfied and, honestly, I have never really thought about which to express, probably because it will never happen. But if a magical genius suddenly appeared in front of me with such a proposal, I suppose I should think about something. So, after thinking about it a lot, I will express the desire that would make me successful in my dream job: the director. I perfectly know that it’s not impossible even without expressing it, but the certainty of this will make me more confident. Because this is what I think, everyone has desires of all kinds, but people will express the only desire that will give them more certainties, because I think people want to feel safe in their lives and this is perhaps their true desire

  21. I really don’t know what could be the key for happiness there are so many things! But if I would have just one wish I’dprobably choose to be satisfied of what I did in my life and of what i obtained. In this moment I’m very confused on what to choose for my future and everything so I would like to be happy about what I’ve done in my life, regardless of what I will decide, without having regrets when I look back.

  22. It’s hard to find something that improves your entire life when you’re 18, so if I could ask something it wouldn’t be a particular request. When I was 8 years old I heard a song that changed my life and in its lyric it said “be proud of who you are”. It might seem banal, but I think it is a meaningful sentence so if I only had one wish I would ask to be proud of myself everyday of my life because it would mean that I have decided to be the best part of me.

  23. Having the possibility that a dream will come true, I would like to know the truth. In my opinion, knowing the truth would solve many problems. For example, we could know how much truth there is in the speeches of the politicians, or what pur friends or our boss rally think. With my desire I don’t want to read in people’s minds, but I want everyone to tell the truth “spontaneously”. In my opinion it colud be useful and also be fun.

  24. I hardly believe in life. I could seem fatalistic for what I’m going to say, but I hope you won’t think that about me.
    Every time something happens to me, I cannot but admit its importance, justice, truth, maybe.
    In terrible facts (like in the others), I can’t find a reason good enough, making me say “it wasn’t to be”.
    And I’m not imperturbable, you’ll know, I profoundly feel people. I believe in this world’s power, in those people who fight for their hopes, desires, so I can’t imagine a better thing than our humanity fighting against itself and all the obstacles that the Universe puts in front of it.
    When something doesn’t get a successful end, it becomes a new “lounching pad”. It could make you cry, get you angry, paralyse you; however, despite all the tears I could cry, I would never ask for something with the hope it would make my existence simpler, because it wouldn’t make it happier. Our happiness stays in humanity, which is made of ups and downs. I think almost each wish we could choose would be an attempt to build a “roller coaster” that never comes down, with the only result of a way where you neither cry, nor laugh.
    In the end, I’d choose Love, because it is the most human thing I know: a powerful motor, for the incredibile trips that our lives are.

  25. I thought a long on what could be my wish. At the beginning the first things that came to my mind were the richness, happiness or always be lucky etc, but on a second thought I tried to look in my daily and I found a thing that could really change my life. I would wish to remove completely any type of anxiety from my life. As it may seem so stupid and banal I know the “weight” and it’s importance in my life.
    I have the certainty that if I removed it totally from my life I would approach the problems in a different way or I didn’t “create” them also they weren’t. Basically I would live in a better way.

  26. many people lose years of their lives for bad decisions, if I had to make a wish it would always be the right choice

  27. If one day such a possibility were presented to me I would certainly ask to have the ability to travel through time. First of all because it has always been something that has intrigued me since I was a child and also because traveling through time gives you the opportunity to do anything you want or remedy everything you think is wrong with your past. This “power” would therefore allow me to remedy all my mistakes from the past, but also to avoid making wrong decisions or doing equally wrong actions, because if I did them I could still go back to the past and change them.

  28. I’m an undecided person, I actually would have to think a lot before making a wish, an important one. I normally would ask for a superpower or money, but I think there are things that can make me happier. I wouldn’t even make an egoist wish, because if I had the chance, I would like to make smile as many people as I can. If the wish is for me only, maybe I would wish more charisma.

  29. If I ever happen to be able to make even one wish from the genie of Aladdin’s lamp, it would be to feel good about myself, to be able to fully accept myself as I am and not be afraid to express myself and my thoughts freely. Many people surely would have chosen something else, such as health, money or power, but in my opinion they are in second place and also, in some way, consequences of feeling good about yourself. Other people would have chosen eternity, but I consider it a lonely choice, because you will never die, but everyone who stands by you will quickly leave.
    I think that, in the story of Apollo and the Sibyl, Apollo had a mixture ofdifferents feelings such disappointment, pity, compassione and disgust towards the Sibyl, because he somehow already knew what was going to happen, so maybe it is also why, despite she didn’t love him, he gave her the gift of desire.
    I do not consider that happiness is found in something eternal, but more in something personal and of inner tranquility and serenity and therefore it concerns each of us in a particular way. As I just want to end this difficult time that should end with personal acceptance, other people have an extreme need to be able to overcome an illness in order to be well both physically and mentally. Feeling good mentally is often underestimated, but it is the most important thing.

    • I am convinced that if your wish were granted, you would live a very happy life. Yet , if you work hard on your self , you might reach the same goals with no need of magic.😀

  30. I think this is a simple and difficult question at the same time.I think the right answer is to be successful in life. In fact, I don’t want to live forever or I would end up like the Sibyl and I will suffer seeing all the people I care, die. But being successful in life, I can make myself happy and the people around me too.

  31. I think, if I could make a wish, I would choose to be able to immediately learn all the notions that are given to me. In this time, in fact, I am a little discouraged, because I think about my future. I think that to obtain what I really want,I have to study a lot, but at the same time I would like to experience everything that is beautiful: travel, parties, friends.. I’m afraid of not being able to live my life to the full. This is why I want to understand everything right away, without needing to put my head in a book 24 hours a day. I wish I could..

    • Somebody thought about that before you: Dr Faustus 😜But I can assure you, it can happen – know that it might sound strange at your age but it can – that one day you will enjoy “putting” your head in a book, that day learning will become simple and natural with no magic. 🙋🏼

  32. Since I was a child Aladdin has always fascinated me a lot. Every time I looked at it, I wondered what my desire could be. Money? Love? Immortality? Eternal beauty? To become a princess? The first thing I thought about was being able to hug my grandparents again. I believe that the only reason to use a wish is for health, perhaps for a loved one, in times when a miracle is needed. But it is always true that life also takes its progress. I think immortality is a sad desire, the first thing it makes me think about is loneliness. If I were to desire love or happiness I would not be happy anyway, they would be fake and empty emotions, I would not be truly happy and I would not be truly loved, it would be all thanks to desire and not because it is real. I have no idea what I could ask for, maybe nothing, maybe something stupid, like a dress or a particular object just not to say I wasted it. I believe that life has a welldefined path and that at the same time each of us has the ability to make their own choices and achieve their goals, I have never liked shortcuts.

  33. Being an Aladdin lover I think that I’ve thought about this question and tried to give an answer quite a lot of times.
    I don’t think that a simple solution may be the right decision, much less something spontaneous.
    As you say and as we study, asking something obvious like immortality, could turn into a nightmare.
    And so I think than unintentionally you gave probably the right answer, which is also my answer.
    You said: “Immortality doesn’t actually mean eternal happiness”, and why not, that could be my answer.
    Asking for eternal happiness for me and for whoever I want (which would be for everybody obviously)…
    And asking this means that: first you are immortal as is happiness.
    And second you will be happy, so there is not the chance that this wish could turn into being wrong, because if it become wrong that means that you would be sad of your decision, and that couldn’t happen because you are eternally happy..
    And there is neither the possibility that I would become bored of this situation for the same reason I mentioned above.
    I would probably be like a junkie, an happiness addicted, but I could potentially sustain that, because I’ve endless happiness to use as a drug.
    Being happy and being surrounded by happy people is what the society is trying to bring in the world, it is what everybody is trying to achieve, it’s the reason why we go out with somebody, the reason why people make a family, the reason why we make achievement, and the reason why we achive them, the reason why we look for friends, for a pet, for a lover, a wife/husband, child, everything…
    And even being in the worst possible situation, could turn into something beautiful for me, or for whoever is experiencing eternal happiness, because I would be happy, and so I would appreciate even the smallest thing in the universe.
    For example I could be living in a small hut in the middle of nowhere with just a stick and a rock, and still be the happiest man in the universe.
    So the only possible and maybe the only right wish to make is a paradox. Something so basic but so powerful at the same time that would change my life and everybody else life in a second.

  34. I believe there isn’t a right answer. Probably if there really were a lamp of desires, I would wish for something useful rather than eternity , otherwise one would end like the Sybil.
    In my opinion, being able to choose something this big is wrong and devastating. Life has its duration for this reason; everyone must take the path that has been chosen for him.

  35. The opportunity to make a wish is more than tempting, but I’m not sure that the right desire exists. Therefore, I would not express it. It is not fear and I don’t want to seem incapable of making a choice, but it is just my vision of the universe. In the event that in our reality there is magic (which makes wishes express), it too would be part of the balance of the entire universe.
    I think every wish has a price that always finds its way to be paid. For example Dorian Gray remained beautiful until the time before his death, but what’s the price? At first he lost his innocence and then, as the years went by, he deteriorated more and more his soul. He was handsome, but his soul was completely empty and dark. If I was forced to choose I think I would opt for health, but I would do it with a huge regret: the fear of damaging someone else’s life. Maybe through the “right desire” your life could improve, but then I think the price will be paid by someone else. I believe that happiness, health, the luck you may want do not come from nothing, but simply are taken away from someone else. It’s all a case of balance.

  36. I don’t think there is a right answer to this question. Everyone has different needs and desires so what I would think is the right answer maybe is completely wrong to someone else. I think you have to consider a lot of circumstances to answer this question the right way, if there is a right way. For example if you choose money at a certain point in life all those money will become normality to you, so you wish for something more, that gives you joy and emotions. If you wish for immortality you’re happy because you can’t die but then you realize that living forever isn’t the best for us because we’re human and we need to die, if not life becomes pointless. I think maybe health could be a good answer but you have to see the circumstances, I mean if you have always been healthy in your life I think you can wish for something else. The point I’m trying to make is that everything can be right and everything can be wrong, it depends on the person and the circumstances I think.

  37. It is certainly a difficult question to answer, but I know for sure that I would never choose immortality or eternal youth. I think I would choose love, finding the right person to be with is one of the most beautiful things and being with your love I think it causes emotions that you may never feel in anything else.

  38. Well, this is a difficult question. I think there is neither a right nor a wrong answer; it depends on the person.
    People have different desires and ambitions so there is no “universal” answer. Each choice has its consequences so you must be aware of this.
    Eternal beauty, money, immortality, health are all things, in my opinion, “futile and superficial”. Maybe the correct answer could be love: everyone wants to feel loved and happy; loneliness is the worst of the diseases. But, as I said before, there is no right answer.

  39. There is no right wish to ask for being eternally happy. Maybe, I may ask genius for not being in able to desire anymore, because if there is no desire, there is no will – fully, according to Schopenhauer – there is no ephemeral pleasure and the suffering of the world would be cancelled like the eraser undoes pencil imprudence. To be truly happy, interiorly and exteriorly, there shouldn’t be any improvement, any evolutionism, any human aspiration. I may ask for unlimited wishes, though it would be a clear form of self-harming. I may ask for having right wishes in right moments, but it would empty the life of every sense, created and affixed by the human kind. I may ask for better health conditions, better opportunities, better disposition, all the better things. But better things aren’t the best ones. There would still be a deep sense of lack. Then, I may ask for the best, the most satisfactory things in the world, but never-ending, “never-sweated” accomplishments bore and annoy. Would it be enough? Sincerely, I don’t know. I wish to have an ultimate desire and then to not desire anymore, so the question about happiness would be treated at the root, without facing it. It would appear as a vile action (and maybe it is), but in reality, it’s one of the most courageous and one of the most radical deed that a human being can achieve. It’s the final solution of the individual happiness, but I believe it is not necessary yet. Therefore, in our miserable conditions, I like the game, the challenge, the ambition and improving my-self. The latter should be, beyond one of the most exciting processes, one of those Nietzschean “human, too human” behaviours, thus inhibiting also these drives would be inhuman, too inhuman.

  40. I think that this it’s a very difficult question to answer: maybe because I’ve never really thought about it or maybe because i think about it really often.
    I believe that first we have to understand the true meaning of “wish”, considering also the factors involved in the realization of the wish itself.
    In my opinion, a wish comes when something is missing, and I think that it should be taken as a push towards one’s goal and to reach one’s desired object. Answering your question, I believe that there is no right wish, so I would not express any.

  41. In my opinion there is no right answer, it’s a personal question. if I could choose one desire, I would choose health because it is the basis. these words ( love, fame, health) are connected and together can lead to earthly happiness. one is missing, without this everything collapses. I am not sure of my choice but among all those words it seems the most significant. Not knowing what happiness is, I cannot choose. My choice is not to choose. I will back off. it’ s a desire too big.

  42. This is a theme that has always intrigued me. As a child, I fantasized about what wishes I would choose. My answers were the most banal: a healthy life for family and friends, but more than anything else to can fly.
    However from these stories, we understand that finally all desires backfire on you. So as Dorian Gray killed himself by mistake, probably I would have bumped into electric cables.

  43. I must say that what I have read is very interesting but not very clever. I only have one desire available so I would start by saying what I think is not worth wanting. Eternity, since I would see all the people dear to me die and suffer, the power that brings only evil, the “eternal” love that I would never seek with a “magic” but in a completely spontaneous or dare I say naive way. Health is very important but not at the height of a single desire since no one has forbidden me to ask to have other desires 😙. Perfect for an eternal indecisive like me!

  44. I think that if one day i found myself in front of the Genie of the lamp i would be in trouble. If i did not have a conscience i would express the desire to have infinite riches. But I am a conscious man, i express the desire to be happy with myself, with my mind. Men durnig his life are always looking for happiness. Happines is difficult to conquer. Latin said “mens sana in corpore sano”. The balance between body and spirit is the first important thing for me. Money comes later.

  45. I think it’s a really hard question to answer, since I was a kid I’ve always wanted to be able to make such a wish. But I honestly don’t know what to choose, maybe love in order to find the right person to spend your life with, or health or success. I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer, but I think that to achieve something you have to commit yourself and not make a wish.

  46. I don’t think there is a right answer to this question. There are a lot of things we can wish for but at the end we will always wish for more: what we already have is never enough. Since I was a child I was fascinated by Aladdin and his magic power. I always thought that if I would have the honor to make a wish, it would be to be loved by everyone. But growing up my idea of love has changed. That’s how it works: your needs will change and your ideas will too. That’s to say your wishes may will change during the course of your life and you may will regret your choices like the Sybil did. That’s why, right now, I wouldn’t ask for any wishes unless I’m obligated. And if I have to I would ask for eternal health or something more realistic like a trip around the world. 🙂

  47. It is very difficult to answer this question especially for a person like me.
    I think and think about the pros and cons of each choice and I would still be able to regret and want to go back in order to change my choice.
    I would choose love because it is a feeling that makes you satisfied, almost complete you, feel you don’t need anything anymore. it makes you feel good (most of the time) but it is the reason that helps you to see the world with more vivid colors.
    I would choose success to be able to feel fulfilled in life, have a job that I like first of all and that leads me to be successful, for personal satisfaction, to be able to see the result of all my efforts.
    and last but not least: health
    Today, well-being is understood not only as being physically well but also as psychological well-being and within society;
    without health all other things would be lacking.
    it would be obvious to hope for a union between the three. I first would ask for
    love and
    unfortunately aladdin’s lamp allows you only one desire but I hope in life to get as close as possible to all three “goals”.

  48. Challenging question, maybe too difficult. I think if I had the chance to make a wish come true, I would keep it aside, for an important occasion in the future. Even with the “risk” of never grant it. One desire cannot change a life, because some habits will necessarily remain unchanged. Surely, immortality and the eternal youth are not my priorities. Perhaps, I would choose something ethical, moral, and altruistic, being aware that Aladdin’s lamp itself would likely refuse to grant my wish as it is “impossible”. In fact, even if, for example, thanks to a magic, we were able to have a peaceful world without violence and conflict, surely after a while things would change again and we would return to the world we know today, if not worse. This is because it is not possible to change the true nature of man. I believe that the Hegelian concept of society and interpersonal relations can be useful: the core of all relations is a conflict that necessarily ends up with the winning of one part and the loss of the other (dialectic master-servant). The “winning side” will dominate the losing side that has to submit. It is necessary. It cannot be otherwise. Indeed, this happens even in small social relation. For instance, between a teacher and a student or even in the family. There is always a part that must “dominate” and a part that must “suffer”. The problem now is: who decides who should dominate?

  49. I must say that every time someone asked me this question when i was a child, I’ve never thought deeply about it in the right way. Now it has another meaning, in ten years it will have another one, perhaps in 50 a still different one. If I have to be long-sighted, I think I will ask to be an ultra-billionaire, a very important one, perhaps an entrepreneur of some IT company that has patented a very useful product for society, such as a prosthesis that connects to the nerves of the body and that gives strength, rigidity, agility , but which still remains “a simple arm” so it feels “natural”. I would like to ask for this because I believe that money does not bring happiness, but helps to live. By now the world is based on a capitalist conception “I have an iphone 12 you have coppo, zoppo, oppo or whatever it is called”. Marx said that human beings are no longer important in the world. With capitalism, commodities had become more important than human beings: people who act indifferent if a friend breaks his arm, laugh at it, don’t help him, maybe they are people who at the same time would cry for a whole day if their phone fell into the water or broke by falling. So I wouldn’t only want to be an important ultra-billionaire entrepreneur who invented or patented a useful-necessary good for society and perhaps helped billions of people, but to be rich, with the money coming out of my ears so that I can give my family all the things (concrete and abstract) that my parents gave me (all possible means of learning, sport, everything that made me what I am) and everything that I wanted and that maybe I have not yet obtained, however, to make their life be the happiest of all, may they have their dream home, their dream car, their dream life, just like I am wishing for now, teaching them that anyhow, they must start working from oneself, from education, from study, from dedication, from the effort that must be made to achieve one’s goals.

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