50 thoughts on “Portraits of Resilience

  1. Lovely post. 🙂 Although I must confess I thought for some time that his head had been shopped onto the machine.
    Looks way better with him in the water holding it!

  2. Awesome, wonderful, lovely photographs with words of wisdom! One in particular made me think about my life. In this image there were two children who were playing on the street because their home had been destroyed. I find this photo very impressive because it makes me think that when I was younger, and sometimes even today, I’ve pretended the most beautiful barbie or the fashionable game exc and if I didn’t receive exactly what I wanted, I’d feel really sad; instead these children succeeded in finding something enjoyable, although they had nothing. Other photographs are more powerful and made me stop feeling sorry for myself, whatever are my problems because I understand that there wiil always be people who suffer more than me! At the end, reading this post I asked to my self: why can’t we be better at finding solutions to people’s suffering?
    I’m still thinking about the answer.

  3. All the pictures show us a world we don’t know well, full of suffering and poverty. Some of those are terrible; for example the picture that shows an old person that is carrying a sewing machine during a flood or the picture that represents the story of some boys that during the war continue to play: the most terrible thing is that they are playing with a gun.

  4. All these photos are beautiful and at the same time a bit sad, but I still appreciate them because there are impressive. Photos such as these should be delivered more often to people so they could understand how lucky they are. The most impressive one is where are shown armed children in Sri Lanka, this made me reflect of how the life of a person can be destroyed, by giving a weapon to him when he is young and by teaching him how to be a soldier. Certainly that boy is going to be marked for all his life and all his dreams are never going to become true ,from now on after this image I ‘am aware of how lucky I am and even more lucky for having each day the opportunity to choose but I’m even sad because not everyone can.

  5. The pictures I’ve seen show a reality, unfortunately, very sad, especially when I think that many children are forced to live . a photo that mainly struck me is the one where there are some boys, girls and children wearing military green jumpsuits and holding in their hands the weapons of war . These children are forced to go to war and see horrors that no child should see . Photos like this make us realize how lucky we are and how much suffering these children live.
    I also think that it is not fair that these children have been removed of their childhood and of the chance to realize their dreams and who knows, when he became adult he could escape from that world.

  6. As soon as I saw the pictures, especially on poor children, I felt a great sense of anger and sadness.
    Many times I see the injustice that prevails in the world and begin to think that much. Why was I born in this part of the world and other children?
    “The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists.”
    This Japanese proverb made ​​me think a lot.
    Yes, it is true, the difficulties help us to be strong, but to destroy the children. Children who during their childhood have experienced war,children who lived in poverty, they probably will follow a wrong path in the future.
    Froid argued that nothing is more important to a child’s childhood.
    Children have a right to happiness more than others, because they are fragile, vulnerable, and they represent the future of nations.

  7. This post is very touching..
    These photos tell us how much the life is dear for them. They fight everyday to stay alive. We certainly have to learn something about it.
    Some pictures show us how those kids got used to war. For example in one pic they are playing on a tank.
    The thing, that a lot of people don’t think, is the strength wich is needed to photograph these moment. So a big thank you goes to the war photographers to show the world these different cultures.

  8. What sensational photos! But I find interesting one photo of the Lebanon : a group of children playing with a machine gun after a war . I’m amazed by the strenght of their spirit that makes them play with a thing they must have hated and feard for a long time . I haven’t any other words, I’m really touched (in an emotional sense) .

  9. These photos are really beautiful, but also very sad. They want to show how life difficult is in some parts of the world. In my opinion however there is in each of them an hopeful side, because there are children who are playing also without toys, arrange with that they found, person who are smiling, who are together in spite of all difficulties they have got (for example, there is a picture,that makes me impressed, which shows a building almost destroyed with a group of enderly at the bottom of it). All of them, make me think that you should never bring you down or give up, everything can get better, and if you are togheter, the union is strenght and things can improve!

  10. Looking at the pictures and quotes I was impressed by two of these.. the first is the quote by President Bill Clinton “If you voluntarily quit in the face of adversity,
    you’ll wonder about it for the rest of your life”, with these words I think the president wanted to highlight that in your life you need to take a position, even if right or wrong not to be considered indolent character (ignavo). The second is the final quote “…more than education, experience, or training, an individual’s level of resilience will determine who succeeds & who fails” which embodies the very meaning of the word resilience, that is the individual strength that marks the success or failure in life .. fall and rise again, this is the resilience !!

  11. This is a very beautiful post. It rapresents their hope, their positivity..but surely my sadness!
    I know that the resilience is the abilities of a person to superates with positivity the difficulties in his/her life. With the resilience he/she will leave his/her problem, becoming a new person, who is able to fight with the necessary smile. Pictures are brilliant, I can’t definitig them with a right adjective. I love photos since I was a baby: I always think that they can let me reflect. And.. this photos are the perfect example of resilience! The smiles on their face are the example of a person who CAN superating everything with the right way. They touched me.
    I’ve taken some of those. I really love them.

  12. Looking at these photos i can imagine the pain and trauma of these people. I really don’t know if i could support all these kinds of adversity. But i think that each of us in these situation can find the strength to survive and i can see that in the smile of the old man in the first photo.

  13. The post, the imagines and the message are very strong. Looking the photos, I though we are lucky because we have not to face to kind of adversity, and our problems, that we call “adversity”, are stupid in comparison to that kind of adversity like mutilation or other disability. “After the fall, we have always to give up” it’s true! And maybe then, we really can enjoy the life. Beautiful post!

  14. The thing which impressed me more in this blog are not the beautiful words but are the pictures. I think that a picture is more valuable than a thousands words and these pictures make you really think. I like very much the photograph of the child without legs who smiles with his father. He smiles although he has no legs and he lives in a country devastated by war and poverty like Afghanistan, and it is wonderful how a person could react like that in a tragedy like this.

  15. I can only say that these photos are wonderful but very sad in the same time. Today we moan for all kind of things also for the most stupid thing and we can understand that this is really wrong if we see the sixth photo because we can observe how two little boys play and enjoy although they don’t have nothing.

  16. These images are definitely strong and meaningful. They make us think about what the man can get and they remind us how lucky we are. The photos that impressed me mostly are those with children, who are the most innocent people in the world.

  17. These photos can only show us how the human can be cruel and as for economic or religious reasons people and even children should lose a limb or even life just because “guilty” of being born in a country in conflict with one another country.

  18. These photos are so sad and touching. Every days we can see the way as these people live, but we can’t really realize how hard is it. I don’t think that we could live as they, because their life are so difficult to us. Someone smiles even if there is sadness around him and in my opinion this action is beautiful.

  19. This is a little part of what the war made to the people. These pearsons who lost parts of their body every day faight for surviving and avrey day for them is a new hope.

  20. This photos are really beautiful and sad at the same time. The first thing I noticed is that Human willpower is the strongest power in the universe.
    I can see life coming throughtout the eyes of the man in the first picture and the happiness in the eyes of the kid without legs. I realized that our race can raise against everything and win!

  21. Giulia S. 3 A
    These photos and these phrases have a great emotional impact. They represent true realities, but they are far from us. The imagine that strucks me more represent a mother and her daughter that cut some potatoes. Behind them there is an ungly building destroyed by a bomb. These people ignore this imagine so sad and heavy because for theme was foundamental continue to live althought all. They work in extreme condition, smile without some arts, pray altought the place is distroyed. They are weak physically and somebody are not educated, but they are a big will power. Life have a big price and ” the will is most important than intellectual”. (A. De Balzac.)

  22. The images shown are sad, but unfortunately true, however do reflect, because the women of Lebanon that peels potatoes when behind her is a building reduced to rubble, with her daughter at the left. This teaches us one thing, nothing should hinder us! We must always be flexible and adapt to situations that hinder us and overcome them.

  23. I think that this post is very interesting and deep. In my opinion we have a kit of fortune and this pictures are a dimostration. We are often superficial and attached to material things. We considered our problems very big, but this peoeple, who lost everything, have a force to continue. They have more resilience then us. The phrase most beautiful for me is ‘Be like the bird that, passing on her flight awhile on boughs too slight,
    feels them give way beneath her, and yet sings, knowing that she hath wings.’ Everybody have an objective and in the life we will have a lot of impediments, but remember: ‘the direction in wich go is most important then speed!’

  24. this post is really good. this helped me realise of a different point of view. a point where you have to keep moving on, in every case and in every situations, because life doesn’t stop. the phot that impressed me more is the one where the man in Srilanka keep praying to his god even if there’s nothing more. That was really touching. At my sight, every person in world can be strong, the important is to watch more to what you still have than what you have lost.
    Alessio B. 3A

  25. These photos and these sentences are of great emotional impact, it is sometimes difficult to look at these images so violent but unfortunately this is what happens not very far from us. All of these people live terror every day in front of their eyes, perhaps for this reason we do not realize how lucky we are, and for this reason every obstacle we should not bring us down but we get up stronger than before. We have no excuse for not doing it, every day those people overcome every obstacle with their sheer force of will. I think that our problems are nothing compared to what those people have.

  26. To uncover how resilience influences people since ancient times, we must first of all start off with the meaning of this word: “Psychological resilience is an individual’s tendency to cope with stress and adversity.”
    This lets us realise how the human being has constantly survived and evolved upon difficulties.
    The photos shown in the article are a perfect example of how in the worst scenarios, our mind gives us the poxibility to go on, and are also a perfect example of catharsis, since they give us a different point of view.
    I sincerely am very cynical about this argument: I’ve always thought that humankind’s existance is decided only by itself, but surely having a general view on the images of this far away world has a certain impact on me.

  27. Seeing these pictures hit me the ability of these children to get up and get on, even after having undergone amputations and have been witness a war. I was also impressed to see them have fun with little thing. I’m sorry to see child soldiers, or with amputations, or playing around the ruins of a city destroyed by years of war, because they will never know what and how to have a serene infancy, where the highest concern should be to not to hurt yourself playing with friends and do not how or if you arrive at end of day. I also understood that what that life confronts us is nothing compared to what they under-go every day.

  28. These pictures make us think how different the world is even if it is so close to us. We don’t have those problem, they fight every day to surevive because they are afflicted by war and anger. We have another kind of problem much less severe. The photos show how to them the war is a normal thing and their innocence obscures the danger of the war. We can understand how they live and how they don’t relise the graveness of their situation, in fact they play and coexist with some dangerous weapons, like a tank.

  29. I think that this blog is amazing, I admire the photographer who took these pictures and I was lucky enough to see one of his shows in Rome.
    All the photos are touching also because they represent the big difficulties of people who find the strength to go on when they met problems.
    The few citations and the great impact of the photo, allow us to better understand the big difficulties of children, adults and elderly people in those poor countries, and also understand that when you encounter a problem shouldn’t leave its objective but continue and persist, because everything is achievable.
    However, these photos made me think of how strong are the people photographed, because even with their problems, they always manage to keep a smile even if only hinted at and they are unable to find the positive side in their misfortunes, as in the photo of the guys in Lebanon playing on the barrel of a war machine.
    I’m really happy I’ve been able to see and appreciate this blog and its hidden message.

  30. Sad pictures, that make you think, that make you understand how lucky we are but unfortunately when something goes wrong we don’t’ think about these poor people, that suffer a lot more than us. There are a lot of things that I will never understand, like wars. Innocent people that die ever day, little kids that lose their parents for no reason, people should love each other, not kill each other. We think that the most important thing is money, and that’s wrong. I know it’s not so easy as I say, but I hope that one day the world will change, it has to change.

  31. These images made me think. I thought about how the lives of pepole in photos should be difficult: is a continuos struggle against death. I realized that despite everything, is all in our hands, our lives and our decisions depend only on us: we can choose to fight or give up. I know that often in my life I look for the easy way and if something goes wrong I lose hope and I give up. What pepole in the pictures definitely have not done is this: surrender. What I hope to remember Always in my life is this citation of Calvin Coolidge: “Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence (…) Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent”

  32. These are the very resilient people. We think that we are stronger but in what sense are we? What’s really resilience? How many means or values may assume this word? This photos make me think about the poverty in some parts of the world. We take for granted the things that surround us. We don’t realize that we are very lucky. Rather we complain about the things that we don’t have like “super mobile-phone android ultimate generation”. Each of these photos worth more than a thousand words. These photos are dramatic and touching, but they have that little bit of hope that characterizes our humanity. We all have hope inside us. Sometimes we don’t notice. But there is inside us. I “hope” in a world changing. The problem is that hope is not enough to save this people. And the problem will not resolve by himself. We need a powerful help for this.

  33. This post is very touching. Everyone should reflect about the incredible courage of these people! I really admire them and I think that they should be considered an exemple of life for everybody. They succeed in finding a reason of life in spite of the problems that surround them. We haven’t their same courage, their strength of mind, their determination, their resilience and their love for life. We should learn from them and we shouldn’t complain for every thing! I can say that all these people are real heores and I hope that I will have, one day, their same resilience, their courage and their strenght of mind.
    Besides, while I was reading this post, I thought of my grandfather: he was a parachutist and, when he was 32 years old, he fell down from the Monte Bianco. He became paraplegic, without the use of legs and arms. After the initial discouragement, he always faced the life with a great courage. He never complained about his condition, on the contrary he was always a point of reference for all his family and for paraplegic people: in fact he founded an association to help these people in pratical problems giving them also a moral support and he fought for the rights of all handicapped people. He is my exemple of life.

  34. These photos, at the first time make me feel very sad. After I understood, that I’m very lucky and that in the life we must not never give up. I was very impressed of the first photo, because there is a child withouth legs who is smiling and I feel happy. While I that love make sport, I could never smile, if I could not run anymore.

  35. I’d start describing these photos I’ve seen with a word: strength.
    Moral strength, in most cases, is more important than physical strength.
    What would we be without the strength to go beyond tragedies? I mean, we should all think about ourselves, the lives we live and think about the fact that people who don’t have anything, such as these in the photos, have, actually and strangely enough to say, more than we have.
    People who only have money and objects are the most poor, because they don’t have other than that. Instead these have a peculiar and seemingly awkward strong feeling of life, of getting up and fighting against everything life puts you through.
    These photos, sincerely, really touched me.

  36. These photos really made me think about the too many things we have nowadays, which don’t make us think about the important things in life, for example the loss of everything and everyone you love, and the only person you can count on is yourself. I personally think these pictures are sad and, at the same time, quite amazing for the many emotions they’re able to transmit.

  37. These photos have impressed and confirmed me that unfortunately the life is sometime very difficult and injust, sad and painful. This post is very touching and exciting with some moving pictures that contain great paint but especially great hope. I’m sure doubtless that the Human willpower is the strongest power existent and only with it we can move forward surmounting the obstacles most difficults and insidiuos of the life.The messagge that this post transmit me is that we must always fight for our happiness never showing signs of surrender.

  38. Life puts in our path every day every kind of obstacle for puttin to the test to see how far we can resist.The pictures are a clear example of how we must not give in to these hostilities.I was very impressed even of the phrase of mandela:
    according to him, a real man or a real woman, not ‘who never falls into a few obstacles, but who nevertheless has the skill and the strength to get up.
    I believe a lot in this aspect of life, in my opinion you should never give up because nothing is really far away or unreachable,the key is to really believe it, but above all it is essential to believe in themselves and in our abilities.
    These people are therefore a symbol of courage and great admiration because even if life has put them strain were able to fight.

  39. These photos made me think about the life and how many difficulties there are during this path.Sometimes I have to stop and think:”I’m really lucky”,because there are people in the word that everyday must struggle to sopravvive who have lifes much more harder than mine.I really liked the sentence of Nelson Mandel:”The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling,but in rising every time we fall”,this is true you should never give up and you need to find a reason to go ahead whatever your problem,because that’s the way to grow.

  40. from one graphic and hard hitting photo to the next, I found myself staring, hard, and the World seemed to shift. What is it about seeing such grit and determination in humans after being hit so hard by life? Makes everything else, every slight, worry, argument pale in comparison. Mountains vs molehills. xPenx
    (I left this comment too @ Steve’s Original blog. )

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