Does “Wuthering Heights” work on the big screen?


How often have you found the big screen adaptation of one of your favourite novels below  your expectations? As far as I am concerned, almost always. Few  days ago, for instance, I was watching  the 1992 version of Wuthering Heights on tv, with Ralph Fiennes and Juliet Binoche and even if the characters were well-chosen ( yeah, maybe Ralph  Fiennes was a little too stiff and expressionless sometimes) and the setting accurate, I found it tremendously tedious. Even Mr Run fell soon asleep, well that doesn’t count, as this is how he reacts whenever I make him see some nineteenth century romantic stuff,  however, right  before dozing off on the couch, he said something sensible, even if it sounded like a justification: he was under the impression that the story couldn’t get off the ground. He was right, but why?

After all, Wuthering Heights is a great  story, for sure, passionate, whose intensity is the product of the cruel fate that almost all the protagonists seem to share: they never fully conquer the object of their desires, even if they fight desperately to get it. Cathy and Heathcliff love each other deeply, but they won’t be able to stay together (at least in this world), Mr Linton marries Catherine but he won’t succeed in making her love him the way he wishes, same situation for Isabel and Heathcliff; Hindley loses her wife soon, falling thus into the abyss of pain and alcohol, only  Catherine’s daughter and her cousin Hareton will end up together, but it is a matrimony that symbolically amends their parents’ mistakes and puts an end to the story .

The increasing awareness of the impossibility to reach their goals makes their emotions grow more and more powerful and devastating page after page. The consequent profound pain is so unacceptable for some of them to lead either to suicide attempts, just like in Catherine’s case, or to destructive behaviours. This feeling of intense longing for something unattainable can be expressed by a German Romantic word: Sehnsucht that is the addiction (die Sucht) to longing (Sehen) and Wuthering Heights is Sehnsucht  made fiction.

The point is that Sehnsucht in Wuthering Heights seems to work well on book, but on-screen you feel that there is something off-key. First of all, I think it is very difficult to play the roles of these super passionate, borderline characters well and be plausible at the same time. Furthermore the sense of suspension and dissatisfaction given by that prolonged craving, produces a sort of slowdown effect and a sense of frustration in the viewer. The second part of the novel is actually less involving than the first, therefore the intensity of the narration in all the screen versions which include this portion of the book diminishes, and Heathcliff’s death doesn’t have the strength of the final “coup de theatre”.

My favourite adaptation of Wuthering Heights dates back to 1939, it is the one directed by William Wyler and interpreted by the acting excellence of the time: Merle Oberon as Cathy Linton, Laurence Olivier as Heathcliff and David Niven as Edgar Linton. This movie, in my opinion, is more convincing not only for the high quality of the actors, but above all for the choice of narrating only the first part of the book, thus focusing better on the central characters of Catherine and Heathcliff. Furthermore the black and white is more suitable to produce that gloomy effect which characterises the Gothic atmosphere that pervades the novel.

One thing more, when the movie was dubbed in Italian, the names of the protagonists had to be slightly changed as those were times when the knowledge of English was not so widespread, therefore Cathy became “Keti” and Heathcliff  “Igliff”.  When my mother, who well remembers that old movie and is an old lady, saw the modern version, she told me that she would have bet that the names of the protagonists were different. 🙂

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  1. Always disappointing to find one’s favorite novel barely recognizable on screen. At one such instance where the ending was completely changed to make it more palatable for the audience, I wanted to launch a protest…or boo and hiss at the very least. 🙂

  2. I am so glad your discovery of my blog has led me to yours. For me, films can only work if I see them before I have read the book, which is rare. Otherwise inevitably they destroy my personal picture in the mind. Despite a fortunately brief enthusiasm for Byron in my teens, I would divide your fictional ‘heroes’ into two groups, with Mr. Rochester and Mr. Darcey leading the romantic field while the loathsome Heathcliff stays forever with the villains.

  3. Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I enjoyed your analysis of Wuthering Heights movies! I have never liked the book – and have only seen one version of the movie. I don’t know what it is about the book that I dislike – maybe that it seems whiny! Anyway, thanks again for dropping by!

  4. How to portray that sort of passion successfully? Where we can still feel for the flawed characters and not give up on them? Heathcliff is hard to like, he needs all the help he can get. Subtitles would kill it. 🙂

  5. The novel does so much more; it plays with point of view and the question of whose version of events is trustworthy and the generational effects of bad choices. As you point out, movies focus on just a small slice of the book–the tragic Heathcliffe / Cathy romance. Given that narrowed focus, I think the 1939 one is the best.

      • Personally I find that the re-adaptations of books to films are not always unsatisfactory, there are films that manage to make the best of the book, just as there are films that completely upset the idea that you had made yourself reading the book; speaking of W.H., not having read the novel I cannot express an opinion at best, however the 1992 film in my opinion did not honor what is a fantastic, intriguing, but slow story, in fact due to this slowness fiction, which in a novel can be accepted, the film becomes boring, and after less than half an hour, one gets distracted. In conclusion, the film failed to make me passionate, as I think the novel could.

  6. This is a very insightful analysis. You’re not just complaining about the differences between the movies and the book. You are explaining the differences and pointing out why part of the book works better than on screen, while finding something admirable in at least one film version of the book.

  7. Terrific review & question about Wuthering Heights book vs movie. I agree the Olivier/Oberon film is the best handling I’ve seen. There was also a 1970 iteration with Timothy Dalton as Heathcliff. I had hopes but I seem to remember being disappointed. Creating the same emotional intensity on-screen as is in the book is such a daunting task as to be near impossible, I guess.

    • I saw that myself and I didn’t like it. Most of the characters of the novel are super-intense and on screen they may seem even slightly ridiculous sometimes. Thanks for the nice words. Love to have you here. Stefy. 🙂

  8. I saw that myself and I didn’t like it. Most of the characters of the novel are super-intense and on screen they may seem even slightly ridiculous sometimes. Thanks for the nice words. Love to have you here. Stefy. 🙂

  9. Hello there, another great post to read..
    As for me it doesn´t fit too well, and I am making reference to Kosminsky ´s version in which Juliette Binoche plays the main female role and with Ralph Fiennes as Heathcliff .. (By the way This is the only film version I know) …

    As someone has well pointed in the comments above: It is always disappointing to find one’s favorite novel barely recognizable on screen … (Sigh) yes it is…

    Cheers and thanks for sharing, Aquileana 🙂

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  11. Wuthering Heights is a very complicated novel. The structure of the narration is particular, with the beginning which, in a certain sense, is almost the end. The plot is contorced: even if the story is set in two houses only, it’s full of characters and each character has a different psicology and a differebt behaviour. Plus, some of the characters, like Heathcliff, require precise phisical features and are almost impossoble to recreate. For all these reasons, I don’t find a movie rendition of Wuthering Heights will ever beat the book.

  12. Having only watched the movie, I judge the story by that. It is a love story, but at the same time a huge tragedy. In fact almost all the characters die. Well, I found in it that everything was a consequence of everything; the facts do not happen by will, by spontaneity, but because the character finds himself living them. For example Catherine marries Edgar because his men accidentally discover her in the woods in the company of Heathcliff; otherwise she would not even have been in his house. At the beginning of the story Catherine demonstrates her being rebellious, wild, but the fact that she doesn’t respect her way of being throughout the story, disappoints my expectations a little. As for Heathcliff, I think that after Catherine’s death he changed considerably, but only in appearance. In fact he wants to show that he is tough, but it is only an armor to hide his feelings. In the final scene, he shows that his desire for power is absolutely in vain, when he decides to leave everything and finally meet Cathrine again.

  13. Not having read the book, I can’t make judgments, but as far as the 1992 film is concerned, I found it so boring that I fell asleep, leading to having to rewatch it the next day. Personally I found an almost non-existent dynamism and a narration that never seemed to end.

  14. Well, I have to say that I watched Wuthering Heights with difficulty. I did not like this dramatic love story at all, it can be said that I really did not digest it … All this pain, the dark setting, the sadness it throws, complicated characters like Heathcliff I personally did not understand! For the rest the story in my opinion is badly connected perhaps because it is a written story and the book is more fluent, maybe reading it I could also change my mind but based on the film I can say that on a screen it works badly! I can say that it must be taken into account that the characters described are complicated to represent and I think that this counts a lot to have a good result and if this does not happen the story loses a lot … Perhaps the only thing that is saved from that what I have seen is the gesture of Cathy’s father and that ungrateful son Hindley that he makes in welcoming the boy and protecting him while he is alive from the wickedness done by Hindley.

  15. I haven’t read the book but I have only seen the movie (1992).
    I can’t therefore compare the beauty of the story in both cases.
    I can only say that I didn’t like the movie . The story itself didn’t seem to me passionate but only a series of events which led to a tragic ending.
    Maybe I think so because for me love stories has a nice ending. Sometimes they are also characterized by problems, but they end with an ending that makes you dream.
    For me this movie hasn’t expressions, the only thing that this gave me is the fact that everything happens for a reason.
    Keti and Igliff struggle for a long time because the were in love, but at the end Keti marries Edgar.
    But she doesn’t love him as much as she loves Igliff and in fact she thinks so. This once back leads to turmoil the lives of all the characters who at the end die. Keti abandons itself to pain until she dies and Igliff will regret her forever.
    After the death of Keti, the only purpose of man is to take revenge with those who have treated him badly and becomes evil … however, in my opinion, it’s only about appearance.
    In fact, at the end of the movie you can see how he begins to go crazy. He too is now alone abandons himself to the thought of his beloved and dies.
    Only Cathrine, Keti and Edgar’s daughter, and her cousin Hareton remain, heirs of a now gone dynasty.
    What will happen to them? They will probably die too.

  16. Personally I have watched another movie, the 1970’s one with Timothy Dalton, a future James Bond.
    I found the story not very enjoyable, because it wasn’t very dynamic, like North and South, for istance. But there is one interesting consideration that could be made: the relentless pursuit of happiness that Heathcliff makes during the movie.
    This pursuit, however, only succeeds with death, which reunites Cathy and Heathcliff.
    Since I have not read the book, I can’t make judgements about whether the movie resembles the book.

  17. Very often we find that books are better than their cinematography reproduction for several reasons. Having not read the Wuthering Heights book and having only seen the film, I cannot get a 360 degree perspective. Taking into account only the movie, I found the story a bit boring probably because it was produced a little bit slow. Honestly, I don’t mind the gothic and dark style. The thing I didn’t like is Catherine’s constant conditioning. She becomes conditioned by her surroundings and ends up marrying a man who is not her true great love. While Heathcliff, despite having done some really bad things, tried to fight for his love. Although in the end he let himself be overcome by the desire of revenge towards Catherine. One of Heathcliff’s actions that left me most perplexed is the kidnapping of Cathy, Catherine’s daughter, as he considered her to be his daughter. I must say, however, that I did not like it that much.

  18. Since I haven’t read the book I can only express my opinion on the movie, which I didn’t really like because it seemed to me really slow and boring. The love story never blossomed, and the love between the two is as if it never ‘crossed paths, like two parallel train tracks, except in the beginning where, in my opinion, the two weren’t conscious of their real feelings for each other yet. The love story is also hindered by the society’s belief of that time (to marry a rich man). Finally I didn’t like the way the love is associated in some way with the religion and the sin, which we can see in Cathy’s death. For sure that’s not the kind of concept of love story that we have today.

  19. I agree with you. In general I prefer to read the original book rather than see the film. The book has a different intensity, it leaves you more freedom of imagination: the characters have the face you want, the landscapes are exactly as you want them to be, following the guidelines of the description. The dialogues are also different because in the book you can read them with different intonations. Often watching the film bothers me to see that what I have imagined is different from what the director has imagined. It is rare that the idea matches or satisfies me. As for Wuthering Heights, I found the film boring, some parts were too hasty while others were foot of useless detail. It seemed like a bit of a race to try to tell the whole story as quickly as possible. Some scenes do not understand each other well, they are confusing. In my opinion, for a book of this length and intensity and above all that has a long and twisted plot, it would have been better to make a TV series, so as to explain each passage clearly and maintain the intensity of the novel. I had almost forgotten about the death of heatcliff and this is because the film did not give me, as you say, that sense of “wow”, that twist that remains etched in your memory.

  20. I agree with what Giorgia says because I felt the same sensations while watching the movie. I’m not an avid reader, but for those few books I read I think they are really different from movies. What I think is that just by reading a book I can create a character only through words and then imagine him in my head as I wish, while watching a movie I am forced to find those characteristics of the character in the actor who plays him. Regarding the movie, I was amazed because in my opinion the actor embodies the meaning of the name Heathcliff a lot: a “sharp” man, wild, attractive and dangerous like fire, just has you, professor, have described him down for us. I was however disappointed from the start about his attitude which I found to be very rude towards Lockwood. Unfortunately, because of this, I didn’t enjoy the movie and lost attention and interest towards the end. In this occasion I can say that the characters in the movie “physically” mirror the ones in the book (the episodes we have read in the past) the attitudes of many do not reflect. I end by saying that in this case Wuthering Heights does not work on the big screen in my opinion.

  21. As you say, the adaptation for films is always disappointing. In fact, looking at films based on novels there are differences. The first and easiest to notice are those concerning the characters. Very often reading the book we imagine the protagonists with characteristics that are not then represented in the film. Moreover, in this case, the film is also boring and very slow. Unfortunately it is almost impossible to be able to represent a much longer and more detailed novel in two hours of film because many details are lost and many scenes do not convey the emotions they should convey. At this point I wonder why these adaptations are made even though they know they can’t represent the story at its best. There is a risk of ruining the expectations or fantasies that a person had while reading the book. Finally, while reading the post I also imagined how much further the film would have worsened if I had watched it in Italian. In fact, then in the last part of the post I got the confirmation.

  22. I really enjoyed the post and I fully agree with everything you wrote. I also did not like the film, released for the first time in 1992 and directed by Peter Kosminsky. The whole second part fails to excite you as much as the first and I preferred the most recent version, that of 2011, although the fact that the story does not totally follow Emily Brontë’s book.
    Finally, the love and passion between Catherine and Heathcliff is so strong and overwhelming, that it is very complicated to represent it on the big screen and perhaps only the words of the english writer can fully describe the passionate and self-destructive feeling between the two protagonists.

  23. I haven’t read the book so I can’t compare with the film, but I can express my thoughts on the 1992 film.
    I didn’t like it.
    I found the storyline very slow and boring and with the love storybetween Cathy and Heathcliff never blossomed.
    I don’t particularly like love movies, but in my opinion they should have a nice ending, and not a tragic ending like this one.
    As I said I haven’t read the book but I’m sure that it’s more interesting and exiting.

  24. I totally agree with what you said. I do not like modern adaptation on a big screen. Usually they are just a simplification of the great novel. I know it is hard to represent a strong and passionate relationship like Cathy and Heathcliff’s, but the version I watched (1970) left me really disappointed. I noticed that the story was so slow and the movie did not fit with the novel. I was not expecting this at all. I read the book a few years ago and I remember it was a great novel, a great story full of passion. I feel like “Wuthering Heights” is a novel that doesn’t let you breathe while you are reading it. But I didn’t feel the same way while I was watching the movie. In fact I find the movie a little bit boring.
    That’s why I usually watch the movie and then read the book; so I can travel with my mind and imagination, and I won’t be disappointed but maybe surprised. 🙂

  25. I disagree with you partially: I found the performance of Ralph Fiennes as Heathcliff very impressive and loyal to the Gothic slant of this transposition. I appreciated it. I found this dark interpretation a quite similar to some behavioural expects of Colin Firth’s Mr Darcy and Richard Armitage’s John Thornton.
    Both the storytelling and the cut of scenes, in my opinion, are too static and too incoherent: it lacks forcefulness. Thus, watching the movie results rather boring. Also the sentimentalism of the novel disappears almost completely in the movie. In fact your blame of “expressionless interpretations” is absolutely founded, but, from my point of view, it’s a clear choice of director and depends quite from the screenplay. Besides the Schiller concept of Sehnsucht is less present in favour of Gothic elements like the gloomy atmosphere of Wuthering Heights’ mansion. Sehnsucht verbatim means “evil of longing” or, following a false etymology, “desire of desire” (according to the critic interpretation of Italian academic Ladislao Mittner). In fact the landscape, according to Wordsworth and Coleridge’s literary lesson, represents the collective state of mind. Another typical Romantic topic is the feeling of love for a woman. Mr. Heathcliff can be assimilated both to pre-romantic heroes such as Ortis or Werther and to Edmond Dantés, who is the perfect exemplification of Byronic hero. Nonetheless he has many peculiar traits if compared to the whole Romantic previous tradition. I judge the relationship between Cathy and Heathcliff pathologically obsessive. Her refuse is the beginning of his cruel revenge as if the movie were a sort of evil BIldungroman in filmic medium. The structure of the plot is full of modern narrative expedients like flashbacks, in medias res beginning and several narrative frames. Furthermore, it preserves a circular structure and presents many symmetries. The relationship between Heathcliff and Cathy seems to remember, through the climax of some lines, Aristophanes’ Myth about the androgynes, contained in Plato’s Symposium.
    I will have a more complete comprehension of this Wuthering Heights movie released in 1992, when I’ll have watched other cinematographic adaptations. Obviously, to understand totally the power and the innovation of Ellis Bell’s novel, I should read the old, uncorrupted book. Possibly in original language

  26. I liked the film very much because it wasn’t the usual love story. It had also some tragedy in it. Catherine is compelled to marry a man she did not love, although she wanted to be more free and rebellious. After her death , Heathcliff tries to be strong, but I think he just fails to hide his passions and weaknesses.

  27. I’m a huge fan of movies, but this particular genre isn’t my favorite. Not having read the book but having only seen the film, I could not understand what the author of this book wanted to convey, because honestly I didn’t like the film that much and it never made me interested in the story perhaps given from the fact that it was a bit boring.
    I agree with what is written in the post, that it is difficult to find a film that is up to the book. But in my opinion this is sometimes possible. As I said before, drama films have never made me crazy, but one of the films of this genre that made me fall in love with history is Francis Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. I am completely in love with the film, thanks also to an amazing Leonardo Di Caprio in the role of J. Gatsby and a fantastic Tobey Maguire in the role of narrator and Nick Carraway (a close friend of J. Gatsby). In the film we perfectly understand the love between Gatsby and Daisy, who will do everything to have her by his side but with a sad and unexpected ending. The breathtaking soundtracks and a great cast make the film, in my opinion, up to par or maybe even something more than the book.

  28. I don’t read the book, so my comment concerns about film only. I found the film extremely boring, in fact when I arrived about halfway, I decided to stop it and continue it before falling asleep. It worked well as a sleeping pill. I must admit that I watched it reluctantly, because I’m not a lover of this kind of film. I also find it annoying to watch such an old film, a bit for the script, a bit for my eye too habituated to modern films.
    I agree that the book could be more interesting than the film for a simple fact: when we read is our mind that creates the characters and places in fact the experience that the book leaves me could be totally different than the one can leaves to another person.

  29. I didn’t have a chance to read the book “Wuthering Heights”, but I saw the film in the 1992 version.
    Of course it is not easy for actors to represent and express the longing, regret, melancholy and sense of frustration that characterizes the characters of the film.
    Through the movie there is a passion that is almost “destructive and ruthless”. There is an unhappiness that characterizes the characters and that makes the film dark and “Gothic”.
    All this arouses in the viewer a sense of helplessness and sadness. All these emotions are too much traced in the actors of the film making them too passionate and, at the same time, “desperate”.
    The final effect left me nostalgic and dissatisfied.

  30. I’m particulary agree with you regarding films born from books.
    When you read a book you can imagine every character, every place, so the story is “built” in your mind; for this reason you may be disappointed with the film.
    Also, I happened to see movies in which, parts of the book were removed and changed.
    Another reason to be disappointed.
    In this case I didn’t read the book before but it still seemed to me a slow and troubled narration.
    More you hoped they met again and crowned their love more they never met.
    A dramatic climate , an impossible love in that world.
    In the end the spirits of the two finally wander free to love each other.

  31. As far as i am concerned i prefer more pride and pregiudice because the execution of the episodes is more intriguing and more lively but if there is a thing that i notice more is how heatcliff after a difficult research finds happiness only when he finds death.

  32. I haven’t read the book so I can’t compare it with the movie, but I can tell( or at least hope) that the book is definitely better. I didn’t really like how the movie was produced, it was slow and boring, but I liked the tragedy of the story. Love stories’ ending is usually happy but this one was tragic; I think that, because of this tragic element, the production struggled in making a good movie and express the feelings of the characters. They had to try and give both a sad and a love element to the story but I feel like they didn’t do a good job, but I’m no film expert to judge. I agree with you on the fact that movie adaptations are usually disappointing (not in every case of course).

  33. My opinion is exclusively based on the 1992 movie Wuthering Heights. It implies a judgment which, while true, cannot be completely exhaustive, having not read the original book and other film adaptations. In my opinion the movie is to foggy. The scenes are not linked to each other and dismiss the value of the characters. I really liked Ralph Fiennes as Heathcliff. A man who harbours hatred and revenge to Catherine’s family. This hate causes an obsessive relationship among them. Then Catherine’s death bring Heathcliff’s soul in oblivion. The figure of Heathcliff for some things brings me back to the figure of John Thornton of the North and South series. This story belong to Romantic genre and to Gothic genre. The latter is given by the dark atmosphere, where, in the end, most of the characters dies. Thanks to death, Heathcliff and Catherine are finally together happy and in love, while Catherine’s daughter (Cathy) fall in love with Hareton Earnshaw. So for me “Wuthering Heights” of 1992 didn’t work on the big screen.

  34. If I had to answer at the title of the post, taking as a reference only the 1992 film of Wuthering Heights with Ralph Fiennes, I surely would say NO. I don’t like this kind of story but when I watch a film, in addition to the story itself, I like to look at all the other features: music, photography, editing…

    If at the beginning, the first scene gave me a good impression, going forward I didn’t find the same enthusiasm. Perhaps, it might be because the film is not very recent, maybe with modern tools and a good director they can have a better result.

    In my opinion a good strategy is to insert small details that are not in the book so that the film “could get off the ground”. In a film they must tell a story that usually does not end in 2 hours. So, they should cut or modify some parts making them impactful.

    On the other hand, I liked the main theme of the soundtrack so much, in my opinion it is perfect! it suits very well with the scenes.

    The protagonists of Wuthering Heights, from the very beginning, are aware that their love story will not be successful. This is typical of the romantic period. In fact, the romantic hero knows that he never reaches his goal but despite this he continues to go ahead. This feature stands out in the book and, in my opinion, it is difficult to recreate it in a film. Indeed, just think to Foscolo’s masterpiece “Le Ultime Lettere di Jacopo Ortis”. Jacopo is unable to have Teresa because at the end of the plot she’ll marry with Odoardo. The same story in “Werther” by Goethe from which Foscolo himself took inspiration. On the other hand, there is the classical hero, for example Ulysses, who already knows that he is reaching his goal. In fact, Ulysses will be able to return to the shores of his land but Foscolo will not, he will die in exile in England. How all these emotions could be translated in a film with the same pathos?

  35. In my opinion, the movie of 1992 “Wuthering Heights” is slow and boring. This movie tells us the difficult love story between Catherine and Heathcliff. A story with no happy ending.
    Catherine died after marrying a man she didn’t love. While Heathcliff, after Catherine’s death, tried to reach happiness through achieving his revenge. Catherine and Heathcliff will never be happy.
    This movie conveys the pain and sadness of the two characters. Two people who love each other, but cannot live their love freely has to be one of the saddest things that can happen.

  36. I have to be honest, I really struggled to not fall asleep before the end of the film. It didn’t really catch my attention… at all. It didn’t have that little something that made me want to watch how it ends unlike maybe “shadow hunters”. It surely wasn’t as deep as the book; in my opinion the film wasn’t able to enhance the love between Cathy and Heathcliff, for sure the most important element of the story. For sure the characters were well chosen, but that doesn’t make the film. The only scene in which maybe I really felt the love between Heathcliff and Cathy, and in which was well showed actually their pure love (opposite from what was between Cathy and Mr. Linton), was the scene where Cathy was lying in her death bed and the two said their last goodbye. Mr. Linton just gave her that little golden watch, instead Heathcliff broke the window cutting his wrists and hugging her in his desperate cry.

  37. my opinion is the same as yours. in fact, in my opinion, the film guides you through history according to the director’s imagination, but by reading a book the director is you.
    in fact sometimes I happen to read the book / novel first leaving me very satisfied with what I had read, and then to watch the film and disgust both of them.
    this is because I had imagined it differently and this feeling perplexes me. this reasoning is also valid for stormy peaks which in my opinion is a “beautiful” book unlike the film which is at times very slow.

  38. I haven’t read Wuthering Heights, so I can’t compare the movie to the book. From experience, however, I know that most of the time the book is always better than the film. The few times I have enjoyed the film of a read book was only when the film was seen before the reading. In this case, however, I can only focus on the film, which, I must be honest, I didn’t like, I found it a bit boring. I don’t know if it is for the story, the characters or the setting, very different from the novels of Jane Austen. I didn’t really like Catherine as a character, I think she was too much a victim of events. I found Heathcliff a little more interesting, I liked how, despite his “hard” image, in the end it was love that prevailed, despite the sad ending.

  39. Having a look at the 1992 film directed by Peter Kosminsky I think “Wuthering Heights” doesn’t work on the big screen. I totally agree with her that “Wuthering Heights” is a boring film with a linear storyline without any unexpected twists. I also didn’t like the acting of the two protagonists, especially that of Heathcliff played by Ralph Fiennes. About the book, not having read it, I cannot compare it with the film adaptation but I understand you when you say that the film does not live up to the novel. On the other hand, when reading a book, it is the reader who imagines characters and settings through the author’s descriptions, and that is why rarely the film adaptation of a book will not be totally the same, as to how each of us had imagined it reading it. besides that, we must say that the book must be “adapted” and sometimes it must also be “modernized” to bring it to the big screen and perhaps this film is an example of how badly this was done.

  40. Having a look at the 1992 film directed by Peter Kosminsky I think “Wuthering Heights” doesn’t work on the big screen. I totally agree with her that “Wuthering Heights” is a boring film with a linear storyline without any unexpected twists. I also didn’t like the acting of the two protagonists, especially that of Heathcliff played by Ralph Fiennes. About the book, not having read it, I cannot compare it with the film adaptation but I understand you when you say that the film does not live up to the novel. On the other hand, when reading a book, it is the reader who imagines characters and settings through the author’s descriptions, and that is why rarely the film adaptation of a book will not be totally the same, as to how each of us had imagined it reading it. besides that, we must say that the book must be “adapted” and sometimes it must also be “modernized” to bring it to the big screen and perhaps this film is an example of how badly this was done.

  41. In my opinion there are many points that obviously make the film much weaker than the novel, certainly, the long path in the continuous search for desire for one reason or another, excessively slows down the narrative, and, while in the novel, reading the pages a little at a time, you feel you always have to discover something new, also thanks to the passionate and accurate descriptions, (also based on the more or less touching moments), of the scenes and characters, you always remain with bated breath, transported only by the imagination. Seeing instead the images on the screen we seem to have already seen the dissatisfied faces of the characters (which, however capable the actors may be, a sad face is always a sad face) and their melancholy expressions, giving the viewer a boring effect, such as if the point of true tension never arrives, and then surrender in a moment of serenity (to quote Shekspeare too). It is as if the film always kept you on your toes, almost repetitively, without ever getting us to breathe in order to continue the journey!

  42. You could say that “Wuthering Heights” received a lot of attention not only as a novel, but also as an adaptation in cinemas. Between all of them, i decided to watch the latest one: “Wuthering Heights” 2011.
    We can say that this particular edition, although very enticing, didn’t deliver throughly. This movie brought to the table some stunning shots! But it lacked the dialogues to convey many of the feelings. Many moving shots with no words spoken at all made the world itself the real protagonist. This also happened to kill many human interactions, making them more marginalized. Heathcliff’s prowess as a main character too get’s overshadowed by the prominence of the photography.
    The loud images just daze the watcher, making anyone who happened to watch this movie somewhat number to Heathcliff and Cathy’s magnificent yet tragic love. A true waste, but still, in true romantic feeling, a spectacle for the eyes.

  43. I saw the movie but i didn’t read the novel. My judgment is valid for what I have seen. Even if it’s not my thing that’s not why i didn’t like it. I found a static and old script with no special effects or twists. Even if the story despite everything not. It is bad because it speaks not only of love but of the tragedy behind it. I have to be honest during the film I got very distracted because it didn’t take me enough. In my opinion to have a complete judgment I should also read the book which, as always, hides many more things than the film.

  44. First of all, I have to say that I am not used to read a lot, and I don’t like it very much. In general, I always prefer watching films, even if others advice me buying books. In this case, I have to make an exception, because I found the book more interesting than this movie. I think that in the TV adaptation of the story, as you have said in your post, the story is not focused enough on the relation between Heathcliff and Cathy (igliff and keti), and even the intensity of the actions, and of the characters emotion is not so high. So, the viewer is not completely involved in the story. Reading the book, instead (even if it looks impossible I did), I felt very taken by the story and I got QUITE passionate about those intricate relationships between all the characters, and in particular between our two protagonists.

  45. In my opinion I would rather watch films than read books. Movie catches my attention whereas the book can bore me. Surely watching films is more different than reading books, because, speeches change. The books’ speeches are maybe longer than films’ speeches. That because, generally, the movie is the summary of the book so many people prefer read the book because is more complete. Yet, with the film you can watch the places or the characters while with the book you can only use the imagination. This time, unfortunately, I don’t like the movie because is too boring and full of speeches. That’s because “Wuthering Heights” has a vary long story where every actions, speeches and places are detailed. So, doing the movie about Wuthering Heights is complicated unless you make a longer movie or even a saga.

  46. My opinion is the same as yours. In fact, in my opinion, the film guides you through history according to the director’s imagination, but by reading a book the director is you.
    In fact sometimes I read the book / novel first leaving me very satisfied of what I had read, and then to watch the film and disgust both of them.
    This is because i had imagined it differently and this feeling perplexes me. This reasoning is also valid for Stormy Peaks which in my opinion is a “beautiful” book, unlike the film which is at times very slow.

  47. It’s right. Unfortunately most of the times films aren’t up to books. Maybe it happens because through a perfect punctuation the book, page after page, can create particular circumstances and atmospheres that are difficult to reproduce outside of the imagination. I think that writers have an edge over directors. They are able to make you create the atmosphere of the story thanks to your imagination and it is through this that the reader is able to immerse himself in the story. In this case, I didn’t read the book, so I can’t compare. Anyway I can say that the plot took me very, but in general I found the movie a little slow. And besides I think that the love between Cathy and Heathcliff could have had a little more space. I expected him above all to show a more passionate love, such as happened in the scene in which he breaks the window, takes the veil from the body inside the coffin, holds her body tightly and cries. What i liked the most was the “Sehnsucht” , this continuous search for what they desire , but never be able to reach.

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