Foolocracy (2)


When fools leave the familiar setting of a theatre to seek maybe a better fortune, they seem to suffer from a curious disease: the “all world is a stage” syndrome. Its symptoms are easily recognizable: they keep on acting or speaking  freely without realizing that in the real world acts and words have consequences on people. This happens because they can’t perceive the difference between the fictitious and real life. Problems arise when one of these fools happens to have received the responsibility of ruling a country or anyhow making or sharing a political project with the elected non-fools. He will inevitably have to face an identity crisis, because his job has been for years that of ridiculing, attacking those he is supposed to work with. A fool is very good at destroying, but once he is demanded to reconstruct,his mocking laugh fades away and he starts to display a certain agitation and becomes even aggressive, because all of a sudden he realizes that he just cannot keep on playing his favourite game off the stage. But the question is: can we expect a fool to be responsible and decide the destiny of a country? Only real fools would give him such a mission.This is the point.

5 thoughts on “Foolocracy (2)

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  2. Always learning, I thought you had made up this word foolocracy but just looked it up in merianwebster, and there it was “government of fools” .

    No fools ruling a country please, there are already too many in the civilian world common people walking around everyday. Don´t include me though. But I will argue this, that those fools in power, they might be fools, or I can call them bastards. At the end of the day they do have some presence, some charisma that people believe what they are saying. Even if they something and do another thing. They´ll eventually explain it to the common people in a way that they will still give him a pass. So people are very easily fooled. I love the phrase from Obama “We´re going to lead from behind” and people hear this and they just accept it. It sounds good and in the manner which he say´s it and with his presence.If you only stop to think about it for a second it´s just nuts, it´s a contradiction in the same sentence. Leading by definition is that you are up front, that´s it. You can´t argue with that. How in the world you lead from behind, is still something that puzzles me, plus to me, the guy in charge of the only superpower(although he´s living it in a micropower) saying that sentence probably Putin or the Mullahs in Iran are scratching their head thinking “Did the idiot just say that, is he tricking us into something or he really that fool and not interested in what´s going on in the world”.
    Anyways, always good passing by my favourite teacher blog.

    • But if for the word fool, we mean comedian, you will realize that here we have been that close to be ruled by one. Beppe Grillo, the leader of Movimento 5 Stelle and comedian for profession, took 26 per cent in the elections of one year ago. He became wordly popular thanks to his blog. Two years ago his blog was the tenth most seen in the WORLD, would you believe it? Always so nice to have you here and read your witty comments. 🙂 Stefy.

      • If you want to know how politically disappointed I was , when you haven’t got really nothing better to do, you may read my only one page super short story “words, words, words….” and you will see how this country works 🙂 Cheers.

      • Hi there Sefy, bit late with my response but I can´t believe that a quarter of the voting sector of the population would actually vote for a comedian, now I can figure out why things are like that over there.

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