A bitter realism

Scrooge 2

Progress can’t be stopped. The fast growing transformations in England  couldn’t be stopped. It was the country of the “dark satanic mills” where the social solitude of Blake‘s chimney sweepers and exploited women emerged. It was Dickens‘s smoky and polluted land where litte Oliver, David or Nicholas struggled to find their dignity in that insensitive world where the dominant creed was that of Scrooge before becoming all generosity and kindness. The bourgeous society was too blinded by the new range of opportunities so that success,social status, money making became the top values of that age everywhere. It is clear that the role of that artist willing to change the world in the pervading materialism had to be re-defined. What was the point of keeping on with the effort of educating to sensibility an ignorant, indifferent, arrogant audience? What for? To end up like Wilde‘s nightingale? To die for nothing? So modern artists decided to turn their backs to their public and ceased any attempt of didactic or moralizing effort. They accepted the course of events. Some of them decided to describe accurately the evil mechanisms of the bourgeous society with cold scientific detatchment just like Gustave Flaubert and Emile Zola in France or with a certain sentimentalism with Charles Dickens. Some others openly rejected the vulgarity of the contemporary world and refused to conform  finding a safe shelter in that exclusive place where taste and beauty ruled and art was for art’s sake that is, using Wilde’s own words, “quite useless”. It was the bitter defeat of the Romantic ideals.

3 thoughts on “A bitter realism

  1. Today we were talking about the generations which are getting faster and faster. Children are becoming more and more blind, asking “why?” less and less. I think it is kind of sad. I mean, children HAVE TO ask “why?”. “Why that? Why this? How is it possible? Wow!”. If even children do not ask these questions, who will ask them? Surely not the adults! Oh, they have no time to waste asking “why”.. These question are for children the ONLY way to get aware of the world around them. Otherwise how could they take aware of the world? And how could they take aware of themselves if they first do not take aware of the world??
    Today, teacher, you said also that we passed from the generation of the fairies to the one of the thumbs. And after the previous topic I realized that even if I am only 18, I clearly can see the difference between me and a ten-years-old child. I passed my time with my bike (I learned bicycling by myself, it is a funny story haha), with my ball, with my roller skates, then I had my first videogame, the first game boy, wow, it was like something not human for me! And I had my first mobile phone at the age of…thirteen? And it was just a crush. Now I see children with their new iPhones, iPads, or what have you. I think that if they gave me an iPhone I had use it as a frisbee. I passed my childhood asking “why”, now they pass their childhood with their head bended on their screen.
    Anyway, this was the quotation I was talking about this morning: Videogames do not condition children. I mean, If Pac-Man had influenced our generation, we were all dancing in dark rooms, chewing magic pills and listening repetitive electronic music.

    Money, so they say
    is the root of all evil today
    but if you ask for a rise it’s no surprise that they’re
    giving none away, away, away

    • Michel,all that you said is not quite true! Everybody has spent a night dancing in a dark room with electronic music chewing magic pills with clothes of bright colors! hahahahahahaha, I’m just kidding!
      For what concerns the post, today children are busier than adults! Lot of them do sport three times a week, and have piano lesson, lot of homeworks and something like this every single week! They don’t have time even to ask why! I think that is important to have an active life, to do sport and to do homeworks, clearly, but if a child does not have time to use his imagination, when will he recover time? When will he ask himself why? NEVER! And also, in my opinion, adults never ask why to not look stupid (or childish maybe…). Time passes by and, before we realize it, childhood ends and we could find ourselves not ready for it. When you are a child it is important to be curious, to comprehend simple things that, growing up, are not so simple to understand and we could find ourselves just like the others (just two ears, just two eyes)

      Who are you and who am I
      To say we know the reason why?

      • I totally agree 🙂 and the song you posted, I would say that is kind of perfect, considering the topic! 😀

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