The alienated Wedding Guest


This will be the last post on Coleridge, I promise, but allow me one last consideration. In short we’ve said that the Ancient Mariner warns the Wedding Guest against the false values of materialistic society and that in so doing he warns us. But we have to say that the Wedding Guest in his unawareness seemed to have a jolly good time. He enjoyed a life focused mostly on relations, symbolized by the wedding party, and on the rites that relations share: food, drink, music, good conversation etc. He knew what he wanted and where to get it and above all  it was real. This is the point. Modern Wedding Guests develop their relations in the cold solitude of their rooms in front of a computer and try to fool the spectre of their loneliness agitating a list of numerous virtual followers. They have trimmed their communicative effort to a “I like it”. Modern Wedding Guests have been brought up by media and video games of any kind so that they find difficult to draw a line between virtual and real world. This is their emotional Bildung. But when one of them feels that thrill and decides to pull that trigger, does he know  in which world will he play his game?


1 thought on “The alienated Wedding Guest

  1. First of all I would like to say that you, teacher, write like Carrie in ”sex and the city”, (for me this is a compliment). Then I think that there are a lot of ”Facebook addicted” and more and more we can attend to ”real” fights or love declarations through the screen of a computer, this makes me think that nobody wants to live great passions”live”. I had a Facebook account and I noticed that the most of what happened on Facebook would never happen without it! This is the second face of globalization: it is useful to have platforms that allow people to keep in touch, but these same allow people to hide and tell things that they would never say. For this consideration I deleted my account. Certainly I’m still a Wedding Guest, but i prefer to enjoy parties instead of pass my days in front of a computer 😉

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