The Romantic Buddism (2)

 Tick……………….tack……………….tick………………….tack………………..tick……………. ………………………………………………….tack……………………………………………….But,what our life would be like without the tyranny of time?  No clocks, and only days and seasons to mark  the rhythm of our actions. Boring? Maybe, because nowadays we are so used to stuffing our days with as many actions as possible that we have no time to pause to think about what we are actuaily doing. The ticking is the soundtrack of our lives. “Stop the ticking!” had said Captain Hook, but how? We are not characters of a fairy tale. How is it possible to reach our Nirvana, if this is the frenetic pattern of our modern age? In the eighteenth century Romantic artists had already understood  that man somehow would have undergone a great psychological change due to the impulse of the industrial revolution. Macaulay had said the social-scientifical growth of England was equivalent to what men had done in three hundred or maybe three thousand years. Clock time had replaced seasonal time and from that moment on we have kept moving faster and faster. That’s why one of the main chararteristics of Romantic poetry is its meditative tone.They wanted to slow time down. Remember the amazing “Elegy” of Thomas Gray where the knelling of the curfew toll which pervades the first stanzas gradually fades to give way to the poet’s reflection. Only in a moment of beautiful stillness Wordsworth can experience that pure happiness destined to be enjoyed forever in his poem “Daffodils”. And Colerigde’s Ancient Mariner paralyzes with a spell the reluctant young Wedding Guest to communicate with him so as the boy could meditate on the meaning of his tale ” A wiser and sadder man, he rose the morrow morn”. So the point is that the Romantic Buddhists had understood the importance of meditation to reach the necessary awaraness that might lead to happiness. Meditation is, in fact, the primary means of cultivating  Buddhism . Your mind focuses on an object, this image expands to your mind, body and entire surroundings till your mind is able to gain insight into the ultimate nature of reality and reach a sense of beatitude. In that state, time does not exist and we are in harmony with ourselves reaching our Nirvana. Ahhhhh, that would be great,but ……..excuse me, what time is it?

In case you might be interested  in Buddhism, here is a video of The Lotus Sutra  which is widely regarded as one of the most important and influential sutras, or sacred scriptures, of Buddhism. The key message is that Buddhahood–a condition of absolute happiness, freedom from fear and from all illusions–is inherent in all life. The development of this inner life state enables all people to overcome their problems and live a fulfilled and active life, fully engaged with others and with society. You have to repeat the mantra of the Lotus Sutra to reach that condition. Why don’t you give it a try?


13 thoughts on “The Romantic Buddism (2)

  1. And here I am this evening, again! Haha well, I was sooo inspired by the first post on the Romantic Buddhism, how could I not comment the second one??
    But, this time I won’t write so much and keep you teacher stick in front of the pc one more time. But I will let someone else talk in place of me. Okok, I don’t want to “feel safe”, I just want to say something that someone else already said, and waaay better than I could do.
    I’m talking about Pink Floyd. In fact, time, meditation, slowness, silence, are all topics in all the culture of rock. At least in the first era of rock – the real one.. -. Let’s just think about Simon & Garfunkel and their Sound of Silence!! Or even in one of the soundtracks of the film Into The Wild, “Rise”, when Eddie Vedder sings “Such is the passage of time, too fast to fold, suddenly swallowed by signs”.
    However, we’re talking about time. Which song could better express it than Time (seems banal, but it isn’t), by Pink Floyd?
    In particular I LOOVE the fourth stanza, the one who says:

    And you run and you run to catch up with the sun, but it’s sinking
    And racing around to come up behind you again
    The sun is the same in a relative way, but you’re older
    Shorter of breath and one day closer to death.

    ps let’s note how the song starts: tick tack tick tack tick tack, just like the post!

    Let’s put another abjective to this Romantic Buddhist.
    The Rocker Romantic Buddhist.
    Yeah. It sounds pretty good.

    • Ohhhh , I see you like phylosophical phychedelic rock…..however, if you think about the sixties and early seventies you’ll realize that there are common traits with the period we are studying. This was post-war economical boom, but also the age when lots of movements wanted to increase common awareness on social problems :racism, condition of women, education. Music was their common language and everybody was looking forward to creating a “new age of aquarious”, a better world. Will you, gererationally speaking, be able to do the same?

      • I agree with what concerns Romantic Buddism; but I think that there is another point of view:: In ”Midnight in Paris” a film that I love it is clear what I want to say: romantic poets try, certainly, to stop time, but they also try to achieve their perfect age and then they run away from reality.
        Simon and Gurfunkel too with their ”Scarborough Fair”, a song that makes me dream every time, try to reach an ”ancient time”

        ”Love imposes impossible tasks,
        Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme,
        But none more than any heart would ask,
        I must know you’re a true love of mine.”

      • Sincerely? No. My generation won’t be able to do the same. Not because it doesn’t want to, but just because we’re living in a society waaay stronger and “blinder” than the one in the 60’s, and the majority prefers to feel safe. Well, even if I don’t care about this “majority”, I think that if my generation would create a better world, if WE would create a better place to live, we should be very powerful and determinated.

        “If I were to sleep,
        I could dream.
        If I were afraid,
        I could hide.
        If I go insane,
        Please don’t put your wires in my brain.”

      • I am severe just because we’re not in the 60’s – unfortunately -. I think that we live in a worse society, and it will be very different, and more difficult for us. But, sure, we don’t have to give in 🙂

  2. Firstly I have to say that The Lotus Sutra video sounds very tranquil…
    This speach made me think how we have forgotten how to live truly, because personally I believe that ticking can’t always replace the real essence of our esistence. Like Wordsworth thought “the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings” comes with the recollection in tranquillity.
    We have forgotten that without nature we are nothing, because we are part of this world.

    At last I think that will be always the majority who prefers to be safe in consumism, but you can choice another way and rediscover your own individuality. Like some people just do!

  3. Thanks to the reading of this article I had the possibility to remind a book that I read in the last few weeks. This book was about Taoism. This religion has something in common with Buddism and its principles. For example the concept of time. Time is considered as a medicine to cure illness. These religions are based on natural time and not on “clocking time”. Nature is seen as something that lead to happiness. Real harmony is hidden in nature. Living into constant contact with nature makes you feeling relaxed and the searching of interior peace is the purpouse of these two religions.

  4. Time, for me, is the prison of our mind, it forces us to think like if we were a short line with a beginning and an end and without a lot of possibilities to make a difference on our planet. I do think we have a beginning and an end, but at the same time I like to belive that we are not simple lines, chained to the hours and to the minutes, but that we can change the time, use it as we want to because we have power on it. Time is just an illusion, is a set of rules that men created trying to put order in our lives. The only real time is the one commanded by the sun, the time dictated by the clock does not exist.

  5. “The ticking is the soundtrack of our lives”.. I am really fascinated by this sentence but at the same time I am scared. I am afraid because I can not accept that one day I will die. So I do not want to waste my life, rather I want to make it precious.
    I really like meditation but I have another opinion about it. When something is going wrong, I go to sleep because before I fall asleep I feel light and thoughtless; there is not nothing except me. No thoughts, nothing. And I do not care about the time that goes away because it is not wasted. I can focus on myself to affront my life.

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