And you may ask yourself: “How did I get here?”

As I told in the previous post, the treasure the Ancient Mariner will find at the end of the journey is his self awareness. If the immense Ocean represents the world, we are the commander in chief who have to decide where to take our ship. Otherwise we are at the merci of the waves, and our clouded minds can’t avoid the rubs. We have to make the effort to know who we are and what we want or else we will become insecure and consequently easily controlled. If we don’t become aware of this, we’ll keep on doing what we have been told to every single day our life, feeling actually safe, because it is exactly what everybody does. Till one day we wake up and “You may ask yourself, what is that beautiful house? You may ask yourself, where does that highway lead to?You may ask yourself, am I right, am I wrong?You may say to yourself, my god, what have I done?”
“To put meaning in one’s life may end in madness,
But life without meaning is the torture”

The Talking Heads well expressed this mood in their “Once in a Lifetime

Here are the lyrics : Once in a lifetime


19 thoughts on “And you may ask yourself: “How did I get here?”

      • In my opinion, everybody, more or less, thinks to be the captain of their boat but often we are conditioned by the choices of our friends or fashion, for example, so I’m not sure that we are the real captain of our boat but it often seems that we are the captains of one boat . So we do the same things, for example everybody has the iphone or the hipster …in my opinion it means that we are not the captain of our life, our decisions are not free but conditioned by something that it’s not really important in our own life, so sometimes we change our route even if we don’t really want.

  1. “How did I get here?”
    Well that’s just THE question everyone should ask to himself. Otherwise we will be passive. We will just “let the days go by and the water hold me down”, or, given that we’re talking about music, we will just be “another brick in the wall”. Without understanding why our life is like that, without understanding “how did we get here”, without being aware of ourself. We have to fix a goal. We have to fix a sense to our life. We do not have to swing life away without a meaning, so that we will get to the end of our road admiring what we lived for. Or we will just spend our life with the weight of not-done things on our shoulders.

    “And you may ask yourself: how do I work this?” well, that’s what’s so great about life!

  2. I think that everyday of my life I have to ask myself where I want to go, what I want to do and which is the sense of my life. Sometimes it is difficoult to answer my question because I can’t every time see through the waves of the ocean. Sometimes I find myself in a storm that I can’t control: I can’t choose to get off my ship and, sometimes, it is also difficult to change my ship’s course. Maybe sometimes, before deciding to change ship or course, I have to wait. every storm stops and maybe the wind will blow again in the right way. What I would like to say is that in times of troubles the view is full of fog. Looking back in the past of my life I think about situations that in that very moment seemed to be terribles and i thought ”i can’t work this”. Now i understand that i needed that ”storm” to become a better ”mariner” and if i had jumped the ship I would not grow up.

  3. I agree with the idea that we have to find a meaning in our lives but you also must have a safety threshold because otherwise you could suddenly lose everything in the big ocean of your life..

  4. Yes, surely I am the captain of MY boat . As I’m not perfect , I may miss an objective one day, but in that case I won’t be a failure . In my opinion,awareness is not to know everything, but to be conscious to have limits .Faith, Hope and Love are what I carry on my boat, and this what has helped me overcome my limits in my all life and I guess it will work for my future as well.

    • I fully agree with Davide. The only things that i will always carry with me are Love, Faith and Hope. They are my “albatross” in someway :)) (i hope you’ll understand me).. when everything seems to be wrong they give me the strength to start again and to believe in something good!
      We are still young, “there’s so much we have to learn” (this sentence reminds me a beautiful song “father and son” of cat stevens which makes me always reflect) especially from the experiences. Only then, when we’ll gain a good knowledge of what surrounds us and what we are, we could make our own choices and fix the objectives to be achieved.


  5. “To put meaning in one’s life may end in madness,
    But life without meaning is the torture”
    Nowadays, in my opinion, we are almost all are influenced by the outside world and it is difficult to succeed in putting meaning in our life. People conform the mass and so they lose their own essence. We must try to think with our head and not with that of the others and be somewhat unique in our being.

  6. We have to have a specific aim in our life, otherwise we could live an empty exisistance.
    Until we find the right way, we will be never satisfied and we will make a lot of mistakes.
    Unfortunately the life reserves us temptations and obstacles and we have to be able to overcome them. Maybe if we are lost but also lucky, we could find the right person who “walks with us” and help us to build our future and at the end reach our aim.

  7. I think that we are the only masters of our life, the only captain of our boat. We can certainly be influenced, some more than others, but throughout our life we will be the only one to choose our way.
    for example, referring to valentina’s post, I bought the iphone becouse I have noticed that it was, in my opinion, the best and more useful telephon on the market, so I, and nobody else, decided to buy it.
    To be able to achieve our goals we need to be headstrong, without being conditioned excessively from other people, take our risks, but also enjoying the satisfactions of our success.

    • Ohhhhhhh, this is another great example of awareness,because one thing is for certain: whenever I think to the word “headstrong”your features magically appear:)
      But, nobody has to say anything about the video or the lyrics? How can you explain, for example the way the singer moves or dances?

  8. According to me we it’s really important we start thinking about what we can and must do in our life…what we really want? what we need to become who we want to be? we must understand in which direction we have to move to achieve our goals…it’s not easy but if we don’t start no,w it will be even more difficult. We are the captain of our boat, so we must be aware, or we will be driven by the ocean, and it’s not always our friend…About this I think it’s useful to remember Machiavelli’s concept of fortune:in Chapter 25 of The Prince he wrote “one of our destructive rivers which, when it is angry, turns the plains into lakes, throws down the trees and buildings, takes earth from one spot, puts it in another; everyone flees before the flood; everyone yields to its fury and nowhere can repel it.” It’s right.. we can not know if and when the river overflows…but are we sure the furor of the river means its depredations are beyond our control? Before the rains come, it is possible to take precautions with our “virtù” and build bridges to reduce the damage of future. So i think it’s important to start built our bridges and our precautions to win against fortune and to get everything we want in our future life. And in my opinion we can start asking ourselves the difficult question that no one, at our age, at the last year of hgih school, wants to ask: what I want to do when I grow up? Because we are already growing, and fast.

  9. I think that it is really important to focus your aim and not to let yourself be influenced by what happens around you because it means to be at the mercy of the waves: you are getting away by the currents of the sea, and you don’t know where they could take you. Think about what you want, think about yourself and don’t give importance to the choices of someone else because you don’t know if they can be better or worse for you. Just doing this you will never ask questions like “how did I get here?” because you know what you have done, you are what you have done. Don’t “let the days go by”!
    Maybe we don’t have full consciousness and control of the actions that we are doing or we are going to do yet, we are still young, not for long adolescent; but this means to grow up, to be mature and to become adults: to have the awareness of our actions with no fear or dread of judgments. And I am beginning to understand.

  10. Probably I’m wrong but when I listened to this song I saw in this video only a fool that sings a questionable song…. I don’t have the sensibility that in this occasion is necessary so I could not understand all the meaning of this song and the meaning of his dance!! I believe that I’m the captain of my boat and I take all the important decisions of my life!! In this century we risk everyday that our choices in future could divert the path of our boat!!!! It’s difficult to fight everyday for what is right and what is wrong but I ‘ll continue to do it for the rest of my life because this the only way to reach the other shore of the ocean…..

  11. In my opinion it is very important to know who we are and what we want in our lives but it is equally important to understand that the process is long and dificult, the same Alexander Supertramp spent a lot of time for this.
    I also think that every man should have his own personal idea apart from that of the “crew”, but at the same time listen to other ideas trying to draw from this a concept, a teaching.

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