This post is dedicated to my husband, who will run the marathon in Latina next December 2nd. Although he is fully in the world of “experience” he has lately been able to find another  “happy thought” (besides his wife, certainly)  in the practice of this sport. The marathon is the greatest metaphor for effort, suffering, determination, but  also overwhelming joy when you reach the end. You have certainly understood that the theme of this post is consistent to the previous ones. Once again, it is absolutely important to set a goal in your life and even if the road is tiring or there is a hitch, when your cross the line you’ll find happiness. Best of Luck!!!

Watch this video, it is quite evocative:

This video was shot by the team of Radio Deejay on the occasion of the cancelled New York marathon 2012:


38 thoughts on “Run!!!!

    • Running is very important for the health of body and mind. The video makes the people that watch it love running. In fact we have the feeling that these people are happy.

  1. I think that running and the marathon are metaphors of life, because the finish line of marathons is our purpose, while the path and race are the work, the effort that brings us to have our reward.

  2. I think that a marathon could represent the life of all humans : initially it is simple , then it could be very difficult beacuse you have to overcome your difficulties and finally if you do , you’llarrive at the end of YOUR path . You could run yo have fun, to solve your problems , to think , to train your body and mind , in short : for EVERYTHING ! Finally if you run for something (metaphorically and objectively) , you are sure that you will have your reward .

  3. This video is amazing, this made me reflect of all my dreams and of how I can reach them with a lot of sacrifice. Marathon is a metaphor of a path, a path full of adversities but in the end it may reserve you a great satisfaction. In our first race we will not be the best but this is important because from our mistakes we learn and get better, we always training to get in the best condition, physically and metaphorically. We don’t need to believe people who teach us the easiest and shortest way because we will certainly fail.

  4. Fantastic video, I was really thinking about the true meaning of life .. What is life if not a long ride to reach a purpose ?? In fact, from morning to night, our life is a constant race against time and against all those problems that make it a constant challenge.

  5. I hate marathons. I think that running is boring and there are a lot of other sports that keep you fit and healty but funnier.
    Althought marathon is a way of life and a metaphor of it,I think I’ll never run one.

  6. I love running. I ran a marathon years ago, with my father. It was beautiful, although I haven’t reached the end, but I was happy to do this experience.
    Sometimes when I’m nervous, I leave home and go out for a run. It is my way to feel free from all thoughts and to vent my mind.
    I think that running is one of the most beautiful sport in the world, It can be practiced by all because there isn’t need of tools and thinking that even wealthy people can enjoy this happiness, I feel so good!

  7. This video has an important metaphorical sense. In the life, such as in the run, you have to labor and become involved to achieve your goals. But once arrived at the finish line you can not rest long because there is always a new goal towards which to run.

  8. I think running is the most beautiful sport in the world because it can distract attention from every thing ,, If you are sad , you can run.. for example you can run also to placate anxiety or a lot of other things. I think also “running” and in particularly marathon are perfect metaphors of life, because in each one you have a goal to reach!

  9. I love all kind of sporte, I love running and as student I run my marathon every day at school to reach my goal. I know that the road will be tiring and difficult but I will cross the finish line because it will be important for my life.

  10. Assuming that life is a marathon, the athlete has until the end of the different phases and of course these steps mean its immediate objectives.
    I think that the athlete reaches the end, and that means you reached the goal, you can think back with nostalgia at the time in which he lived and realize that the greatest satisfaction for him had been while running towards the end and not when he arrived.
    In the marathon as in life nothing is insurmountable. Through determination, will and effort can overcome their limitations. I ran a marathon two years ago, but after a lot of effort I stopped, I could not feel my legs. However, I think running is a beautiful sport and a great relief.

  11. You said the marathon is the greatest metaphor for effort, suffering, determination. I completely agree with you.
    I really love running, when I run I reflect on my dreams. This video was interesting, I think it is really important to do something to be satisfied, as setting a goal in your life: maybe in sports, hobbies,’s the same. However, if you want to make someone proud of you, you have to do something valuable.
    Finally, when you practise a sport is the only moment when you can really be yourself.

  12. Wonderful video! I think that the Marathon is the metaphor of life. Our Marathon has our dreams and limits as destination. After watching this video, I think that I have to “run” to reach my dreams because if I don’t it, they’ll run away! Great life lesson teacher! Thank you!

  13. I don’t like running, I prefer walking because it is quieter. But when I see someone run, I feel relaxed. I think that when you run you can stay by your own without thinking to the real world. In my opinion, when you run, in the end you realize that you’ve faced the world.

  14. I love running. I ran a marathon years ago, with my father. It was beautiful, although I haven’t reached the end, but I was happy to do this experience.
    Sometimes when I’m nervous, I leave home and go out for a run. It is my way to feel free from all thoughts and to vent my mind.
    I think that running is one of the most beautiful sports in the world, It can be practiced by all because there isn’t need of tools and thinking that even wealthy people can enjoy this happiness, I feel so good!

  15. I hate running. Maybe because three years ago I had a knees-desease and I couldn’t run. But I know that in this video, running represents life and if you want something, you never have to give up! I prefer swimming. When I swim I’m happy and I feel a sense of freedom.

  16. During each age people have run for a purpose…for example primitive people ran to hunt , to escape or to survive in general….Personally I think that running nowadays is boring unless you love it or you have to reach an objective. In this case it is fantastic, interesting and beautiful but if you don’t have a reason, why do you run?
    Although I know running is goog for our health,I don’t like running and I do it only to walk my dog or when I play PE .Sincerely I enjoy other sports and I’m interested in other activities (music).
    I don’t succeed in understanding people who run to enjoy themselves….even after have read this text I still don’t change my idea.

  17. I love running, especially in summer, and I believe that running is one of the healtiest sport .This video made me think about my life and its obstacles. This obstacles could be overcome if you are purposeful and if you really want it. The marathon is a metaphor to make the people understand about their physical and mental skills.

  18. We could give two interpretations to the word “run” . First , running is a way to keep in shape in a natural way, not expensive and it can be sometimes the cure for diseases such as diabetes . Runninh , even is a way to free your mind from the problems .
    But we could give a metaphorical sense to “run a Marathon” : It doesn’t matter how much long , difficult and hard is the path , it doesn’t matter if you fall because if you keep in mind your objective , you’ll reach your destination despite obstacles .
    Finally , my father loves running and he partecipates in all marathons but unfortunatley he doesn’t succeed in transmiting this passion !

  19. Sport is so important for daily life. It help the digestion, the blood circulation, and other things which all of us know, but most significant it help to fight some diseases such as the diabetes and the obesity. In America there are many people who are obese, so the government try to encourage sport.
    Running is the base of sport. We can run alone, with friends, toughts or our music. We can run to escape from one person or from one place. We can run just beacuse or for a goal or maybe to feel free. But there’s always a reason to run!

  20. I think that running is a safety valve. It helps, at least in my case, to clarify my ideas.
    I admit, I do not run very often but when I run I feel that all my problems disappear for a moment. The same thing happens to me when I walk and I see someone running as if that person were me.
    Running not only makes me feel good physically but also mentally.

  21. Giulia S. 3a
    Since I was 3 years old for me sport has been foundamental, but only few years ago I understood its great importance. We are the principal protagonists in the sport. Its main purpose is the understanding and the acceptance of our limits. Sport is physical effort, but also a pleasure for the mind, a plant, an applause, a starting whistle or a smile. When I have a classwork, a question, I go to the pool and when I go out the problems seem less serious. Swimming like running help me to see with more serene eyes.
    To say: “I practice sport because i must to do it” is a mistake. You must say: “I practice sport because i want to do it”. It is a personal need. Sport is love for body and head.

  22. Sport, in general, is the essence of life. With sport we can know our body because we know our limits as well as our strengh. Men always run: run when they miss the bus; run when they play with his son; run when they are late; run because they like it. I run because I like going fast and because it gives me energy. My favorite sport is karate, I have done it for four years, always when I enter in the gym I forget all my problems and I relax from stress the of the day. With karate I learn to control my emoticons. Sport is very important for me. Sport is a way of growing!

  23. It’s a wonderful video. After its vision, you would like to put on your sneakers and go out for a run. Pity that I’m not a runner.
    Recently, this sport has become very popular among people of all ages. I’m sure that running helps you feel better, not only physically but also mentally. Running is a sort of meditation in fact, when you run, you find your concentration, you learn to know yourself better, especially your limits.
    In that moment you are alone with yourself, no problem exists and you can feel free.
    I would like to participate to a marathon but only for a good cause such as for example to help an association or people who need our help!

  24. I’ve running the Rome marathon this year, the one of five kilometers because I am not very sporty, despite the effort and hard work I really liked it. I think that sport, and in perticulary running, is a way to let off steam and to get rid of thoughts and focus on one thing: the goal. I really like this video because it makes you grow a great desire to run around the world and a great desire to discover where you get and what you find out.

  25. I think that’s video is very interesting.
    Truly I don’t like running, but certainly this is the cheapest sport in the whole world because you have only to put on your sneakers and go out.
    The most beautiful moment is when there’s a sunny day with a pleasant temperature and you can meet so many people doing the same thing as you.
    It’s true…running and all the other activities can help you have a healthy life.

  26. I think running is a great metaphor for life, as said before running is like life. A Marathon at the beginning is easy, but then you will encounter obstacles that can be overcome only through training. Overcoming obstacles to reach the finish line, where then you feel satisfied, it is so in all sports, because sport is the greatest teacher of our lives. I think it is and should be a focus for everyone.

  27. I’ll start by saying that I really enjoyed seeing this video, and I’ll continue saying that most of the things which have been said in the video, I completely agree with.
    I like to think running is, in some way, a metaphor of life. It’s as if we should run to reach our targets; run for our dreams; run to live the moment, as it may, sooner or later, disappear.

  28. I’d like to say whatever kind of sport you may practice it surely requires big efforts. At my sight, running is,at the same time, the simpliest and the hardest thing you do. The simpliest because it doesn’t have strange rules ,you only have to run. The hardest because it’s you against youself,you have to break your own limits every time and no one can help you. The run is, somehow,a simplification of life. You have to reach the goal, or your purposes, with your strenght and finaly enjoy the moment.

  29. I think that’s video is very interesting.
    Truly I don’t like run but certainly this is the most cheat sport in the whole world because you have only to put on your sneakers and go out.
    The most beautiful moment is when there’s a sunny day with a likely temperature and you can meet so much people doing the same thing as you.
    It’s true…run and all other activity can help you to have an healthy life.

  30. I personally think that in general, practising any kind of sport is important, because it helps you to relieve from your habitual problems, to keep in fit and to spent some time with your friends. I personally prefer playing tennis rather than running, but another member in my family loves running. My dad. When he was younger he has run many marathons, reaching good results. Practsing sport helps you to ride out of your limits, and I mean not only phisical limits but also psychological, it allows to increase your self-esteem, you start to belieber in your self and in your abilities. Sport keeps you far from television and other tecnologies They could waste time with.
    A group of psychologists conducted a research and They discovered that teenagers who practice sport at an high level get batter marks at school. This means that sport improves also your concentration! 

  31. I love running,I play football so I run a lot.I think it’s so important for out health, body and mind too.I think that when you run,you forget the world for a while,it’s a way to escape,to feel that we are really alive!I like this video and it’s ametaphor of life.We have to fight,to work hard,to sweat,we have to carry on with all our strenght to arrive to the finish line and feel the satisfaction of what we have done.

    • This video is a metaphor for our lives because every day is a race against time. This video is very interesting although I personally do not like to run a lot but I think that sport is essential for our life. Running is very important for the health of body and mind for this every person must run at least once in your life.

  32. This video is very interesting.I think that racing is a very useful thing,not only to keep always trained,but also to remove all thoughts from your head.But I honestly don’t really like to run because I think it is boring and I prefer to practice other sports.

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