Pop poetry

I’m sure that whenever you bump into the word “pop” you actually think about music, remember those Top of the Pops shows on Thursdays on BBC? Lovely, pop, in fact, is the abbreviation of popular and for pop music we refer to a genre with a popular appeal.
It often borrows elements from other styles just like latin, dance, rock ,country, but which are the core elements that define pop? Well, short-to-medium length songs in a verse chorus structure, melodic tunes, catchy  hooks, simple but effective messages. So whenever I think about Romanticism I can’t help but define it pop poetry. The poets wanted to reach a vast audience so they needed to become more accessible. Therefore they “purified” Classical poetry of all its artifices, simplified the language, increased the degree of musicality. It was inevitable that pop music and Romatic poetry would meet one day and from that happy match many famous songs came to life. In the eighties, for example, Frankies goes to Hollywood made a hit out of Coleridge’s “Kubla Khan” but also his “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” was a source of inspiration for the Iron Maiden, who wouldn’t certainly be happy to be called pop, I know, but it worked.

Here is the video of the Iron Maiden:


5 thoughts on “Pop poetry

  1. \m/
    I (obviusly) agree with your opinion, but I would like to add a question: this new kind of poetry, with ballad features and its musicality that reaches the attention of more people than before, does this seem like the Mariner?
    I try to make myself clear, the ancient Mariner can hold the wedding-guest with his glittering eye, this poetry with its accessibility.

  2. His voice is divine and their concerts are shows!! Moreover they take the inspiration from the masterpiece of S.Coleridge.. I like it!!

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