“Stay hungry, stay foolish”

We’ve been discussing these days about Blake’s poetry, and his being a visionary and a prophet. Well, some of you said that he was a visionary because Blake experienced from his early years visions of angels and ghostly monks and that he conversed with them. Quite true. But  William Blake was not only a dreamer. He was aware of the realities and complexities of experience, particularly the poverty and oppression of the urban world where he spent most of his life. And he knew that rationalism was not enough to enable people to hope, to look for change. “Would to God that all the Lord’s people were prophets”, he wrote, but Prophecy for Blake was not a prediction of the end of the world, but telling the truth about what we see, about what we are and only thanks to a personal struggle things could be improved .So,awareness is the first step, but then we have to learn to go beyond things to see a new better goal. Year after year I realize that for my young students it is getting more and more difficult to visualize their future – being “foolish” –  most of them lack in prospect ,sometimes in strength. That’s why I would like you to see  Steve Job’s  amazing and inspiring  speech at Stanford University. And remember: “Your time is limited. Don’t waste it living someone else’s life!” (Steve Jobs).

Here is the video with English subtitles

Here is the video with Italian subtitles :


92 thoughts on ““Stay hungry, stay foolish”

  1. listening this speach i found myself thinking: ” it’s true.” It’s sad, but we all need to make choices, and we all are scared to make the wrong ones. I want to ever have the courage to chose to do what i love, but actually i don’t know either if i truly love something haha. The future is scary, but it seems very distant to me but very near. I fear to miss the whole picture of things. Life scares me, what if i do wrong? what if i get the wrong job? what if i study the wrong subjects? these are all question i can not hope to answer. Steve jobs seems so assured, certain that is whole life was dots need to be connected. I think it did not work this way for everyone, and i can not let myself be positive because steve jobs told so. But there are few things i can learn from him, like being centered on the present, and live mi life like i would die tomorrow, or be able to do what i really love. I do not understand myself at times! haha. I think i would reeeeeally love to have a family, but how can i allow myself to have a family? there are not right choice or wrong ones in this. what steve jobs tells is so right yet so subjective. But i will give it a try. I will pursue what i love, every day of my life, i do not want any regrets, and eventually if i do it, i had the feeling i will accomplish something. I’m too young to know, but deep in my soul i know that my hunger and my foolishness will never stop to kick, even if sometimes i’m just too reflective. I’m the kind of guy that want to understand anything and can come to contradict himself so tomorrow maybe i could tell something totally different! Fear bring us nowhere, so let ourselves be brave, trying is just the first step, and if things do not work out the way we hope, maybe like steve told, it is just a dot that one day we will connect.

  2. Thank’s to his incredible life he has been able to tell us his thought of life. Meaning of life is the most important thing for us, without a purpose we are nothing. His life can be divided in these three parts, and everyone of these have a different meaning. His way to look death must be an example for us, we have to learn to live by the death. As he said, we will change way to live if every morning in front of mirror we ask to ourself if what we are going to do, is really what we want to do. His wish for us ” stay hungry, stay foolish ” mean that we have to be in continuous research of our life, of what we really want. We have to listen our heart that’s the only one that can give us an happy life. An important aspect of our existence is work, because we spent in it a great part of our life, so why settle yourself? You have to find work that you love. Unfortunately, he thought that he won cancer, but his not so. The trouble that made him a fantastic man, led him to death. So, thank you for all, Steve.

  3. I think that he wants to teach us about the various possibilitche each person has in their lives. The life full of difficulties, errors, from which we must draw lessons.

  4. Like Steve Jobs, I believe that everything happens for a reason. So if a person loves what he does and lives everyday as if it were their last, the dots will all connect in the future for them and they will be able to achieve their dreams.
    I managed to relate to a lot of the things that Steve Jobs said in his speech. The first story, especially, struck a cord with me. In all my life I experienced a lot of bad things, starting with my experience in the orphanage, the only thing that kept me going was the thought that my life will get better. When I found my new parents it was like a door to this new, better life. Despite being better, my life after the orphanage was still not perfect, but I still thank them everyday for saving me and making me believes that everyone gets a second chance at life.

    • It is important that we realize and accept that we are going to die. By accepting this we accept that our time is limited and we should not waste our time being scared to fail but rather be willing to take the necessary risk to succeed. I want to conclude that the most important experiences of our life are does which we did not see coming!

  5. I think that we can consider Steve Job’s speech as a lesson of life. He divides his speach in three parts which correspend to the stages of life. The recurrent theme of all parts is love; love for your life, love for your job and love your family. He belives that without “love” you don’t get anywhere and you cannot achieve your goals; you have to understand your interests in order to set your dreams. And even when your dreams come true, you never have to be satisfied but keep going and look to the future with new ideas: thus is what he means by his famous statement “stay hungry, stay foolish”.

  6. Steve jobs in this speech wanted to say that everybody should search all those things that are important in life such as knowledge,happiness,love….trying to be the best,becoming sometimes unconventional

  7. this was one of the most interesting videos that I’ve ever seen.STEVE JOBS was a genius,thanks to him now we have the best technological tools. I agree with him and I consider his words very important in fact in this speech he says that life is too short to wait for something and we must live each day as if it were the last of our life, trying to catch every opportunity..Every day we have to be satisfied with what we do without regrets and also we have to put our best in whatever we do because like he said if we are hungry and foolish,life can reserve us only the best…
    the most important thing is “never give up ” because sooner or later everything comes..

  8. I loved this video.
    I think that through this movie you can really understand what the important values of life are,especially that you should never give up and try to move on ,then face difficulties encountered.Steve has also shown that one can create relevant business,especially if one believes in his ideas.But beyond this ,I would say that,at the bottom of what he says,we read something profound: the importance of believing in yourself and in your ideas,the importance of confronting death, to be creative .This speech deeply moved me.
    Screpanti 4A

  9. I have really liked the speech of Steve Jobs. Steve gives us a very important message:never give up, even when you meet hardships in life, you have to believe in what you do. Great.

    Vittorio P. 4A

  10. Nicolò C 4A
    I really enjoyed this video , Steve Jobs gives hope to students and makes us understand the importance of believing in ourselves and doing what we think right . He also teaches us to give the maximum commitment without any delay even if we are young and we think to have time. 😉

  11. Hello teacher,
    I had watched this video once before this evening, but today it really helped me figure out something very important. As you can probably tell I’m a kind of an insecure/shy person and most of the times I have to think several minutes before deciding to do something or to act, someone once told me that’s because society teaches us to try as hard as we can not to make mistakes instead of trying to get things right. While he was talking about seizing the moment because everything else is uncertain I understood that this is something I’d really like to work on: not to overthink. From a certain point of view the life of Steve Jobs was a sequence of “failures” but he never gave up!
    Right now I’m not sure of many things: what I’ll wear tomorrow to school, what should I cook for dinner, what will my future be like… but I know for sure that I want to be hungry of knowledge and such a “fool” as Mr. Jobs!
    Giulia IV A

    • Dear Giulia, everybody’s life is full of failures. Everybody, even those who seem so successful to your eyes have failed many times, believe me. Failures become precious if you learn out of them, somehow they make you improve. Keep going Giulia, you are fabulous!!! 🙂

  12. I really love his speech, there is a phrase that really impressed me and it says: “Sometime life’s going to hit you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith. I’m convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did” this makes me understand that if you really believe in your ideas or dreams none can impede you to make them true. I think that Steve Jobs was a genius and that’s why he could get that long in his career, but in my opinion he was also a bit lucky in his life too. when he says that all of us are going to die you realize that you really have nothing to lose, you can only succeed if you are really determined.

    Daniele Q. IV A

      • I think that a person to succeed that much needs to be a bit luck, maybe I would replace the word lucky with: ”he did the right thing, at the right place, at the right time”. Saying this I don’t mean that he was only lucky, as I said before for me Steve Jobs was a genius.

  13. This is one of the most interesting videos that i’ve ever seen in my life.
    I completely agree with Jobs,in particular when he speaks about death.In effect we have only one life,so we must work hard from the beginning to reach our goals ,and not to waste time in stupid things,because every failure life is going to give,will be rewarded.

    Giulio B. IV A

  14. Steve jobs is one of my idols. He was a genius in all senses. I love what he says in this video because he explains what you have to do in your life if you feel confused, and it’s very important for all young people. He simply loved his work and he recommendes everyone to find the job to love by following his hearth. This is simple but fundamental.
    Stay hungry, stay foolish.

    PS Honestly I think that he was very lucky and that he was the exeption that confirms the rule.

  15. I think that Steve Jobs wants to say to us that if you have a dream or an idea, you can make it happen. He says how he’s started from nothing and he arrived to be one of richest man in the world. Steve Jobs with this speech turns on the desire of everyone to do something new, unexpected, something that you might interest you.
    In the end he says a frase :”stay hungry, stay foolish”, S. Jobs wants to teach us never to be satisfied but to get the better.

    Amir Abo 4’A

  16. The speech of Steve Jobs struck me and, above all, it made me think.
    It is very deep because it is based on his personal experiences thanks to which he realized how much life, and what we do during it, is precious. I really like the phrase “if you haven’t found yet what you love, keep looking and don’t settle” because it can be considered a rule of life in all fields, like work and love. We should not be satisfied of what we have but we should look for what we really want. Even failure must not break us down but it must be a motivation to do better and to do something new.
    This is the reason why Steve Jobs speaks to us, young people, who represent the future. I believe that, even if it will be difficult to reach the same success of a genius like Steve Jobs, we do not have to think it is impossible and, anyway, we have to follow our passions and dreams.

  17. I believe that Steve Jobs could have made anything with this mentality: it is not from all to start afresh his own life when you are conscious that the probabilities of success are almost nonexistent. I have a deep respect and admiration for this person but according to me in the life you must have a great dose of fortune to be successful: in this world there are so many people that could arrive where he has arrived but only a few can do it.

    • Therefore, you really believe that he had done all that just because he was fortunate? Sorry, I don’t think so. It is too simple to say that your misfortunes are due to bad luck. Too simple, my boy.

  18. I think it is a fantastic speech to say to undergraduates.Living with the idea of every day could be the last it is a wonderful way not to waste time and do something that you like.Steve jobs (for me) embodies perfectly the American dream,in fact he shows that with hard work you could make your fortune(more than once in his case). He also lost all he had created,he did not give up and only with his commitment he rose up higher than before.

  19. I had never seen this video before, and for the first time I’m happy to make a homework, because it is one of the most beautiful speeches I’ve ever heard and I hope that it will inspire me for the future.
    I was particularly touched when he talks about how he had not fallen after the dismissal, but how he did rise again to get back what he had lost.

    Tommaso P. IV A

  20. I find really difficult to write an answer because in this video we are not watching a normal man,we are watching a genius. This man shows in three simple stories the mentality of the winner who can became a winners and can make his future. I think that these phrases might seem stupid and easy: why it is so complicated? we only have to stay hungry! But with all the difficulties of a life,in the case of Steve a serious disease,all the little problems almost imperceptible that we have every day or also the simple desire to stop or settle, staying hungry is so hard. Finally I think that Steve Jobs is an idol and a great example for youth.

    • This video compleatly encase my thought, this year, after all my efforts i can definitley say that the key of success is will and ambiton, i also want to report here my favourite sentence ” the will bring us where luck can’t”

  21. Hello teacher
    I admire Steve Jobs because he became successful without finishing college. I think that In this video he wants to motivate the students, and he said that you can achieve success without finishing college but you need a lot of willingness and you should never give up.

  22. Hello teacher,
    I know, I am late,sorry.
    I had already listened to this fantastic speech. It gives to me the strength not to give up and to move on .
    It’s true, we are young in this moment, but we will be old one day. So we should find what we love as soon as possible. This is difficult because we have to enforce our character, it is not a simple thing, it is already difficult to understand what we love, it becames more difficult when you could be influenced by someone else.
    In this exact moment I do not know if I am doing the right thing, I do not know if I should keep going in this way, but this speech helps me to tray to believe in myself.
    See you soon
    Elisa Vincenti

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