An ordinary day at the House of Commons

Watch this session at the House of Commons.Ed Miliband criticizes the Foreign Secretary’s (William Hague) handling of the crisis on Libya, and Cameron retaliates by saying that the only person to ‘knife’ a Foreign Secretary is Miliband himself. A certain Mr Speaker is often addressed, who is he? Can you spot any difference from our Parliament?

42 thoughts on “An ordinary day at the House of Commons

  1. This video is very interesting! I was struck by how parlamentarians spoke to each other, as if it were a chat between friends!

    • It is true! If it wasn’t for the place where they are, it would seem a debate among friends.This does not happen in our parliament, but perhaps they should be more relaxed as the Commons… and maybe make also some smile! 🙂

    • Right! I am very surprised by the way they use to speak, completely different from the italian one. It looks like they are joking using a lot of provocations and mockeries but always with respect. This would be amazing in Italy but nowadays quite unlikely.

      • yeah! it seems a challenged rap and it is very interesting to know how they arrived at this… however i think that a similar thing couldn’t be made in italy!

  2. The Speaker is the one who presides over the debates, so I guess he is the one in the middle of the three leaning on the table, in fact he is only managing but does not say anything because he have to be non-partisan.
    I think that the common ground, unfortunatly negative, is that both parts make big noise to support the ideas of their leader, without really facilitate a normal debate.
    The structure of the building is totally different compared to the Italian one, in Italy there is no face to face contact with your protester (normally), and the Speaker has a more active role.

  3. Cool 🙂 a good example of the great English sense of humour. It is also noticeable their politeness, letting the other talking without interrupting.Very rare in our Parliament where sometimes it looks like being in a hen-house!

  4. I agree with Claudia, the president is the one who sits on a kind of throne at the bottom of the room and assists the debate without saying a word, instead of the President of the Italian Parliament is the one who gave the floor to parliamentarians. This session also looks more like a debate among friends than among parliamentarians. But perhaps this is what makes them strong because there is a real exchange of ideas .. where everyone can express them. in the Italian parliament is not so .. everything is more limited.
    As a spectator, I enjoy more to see a debate of the British parliament that the Italian one, but then you see if a debate so openly, it really solve the problem.

  5. in my opinion the most important difference between the english and the italian parliament is on the balance of the two hauses.
    The english parliament is divided into two hauses: the hause of Lords and the hause of Commons.
    the former consist of lords (their office is heiress) and the Anglican Church; but the hause of the Lords has just a rapresentative function; the latter is elected by the people and it has the power.
    The italian parliament is divided into: Chamber of Deputies and Senate; so italian parliament is bicameral too, but unlike the inglish sistem is more balanced because each parties have the same power and the same functions.

    • I agree with Eleonora who said that parliamentarians talk each other as friends. They are so kind and respectful. I think also that in English Parliament there are no person who sleep like italian parlamentarians are used to do….I agree with Eleonora who said that parliamentarians talk each other as friends. They are so kind and respectful. I think also that in English Parliament there are no people who sleep like italian parlamentarians used to do….

  6. it is very interesting ! is known as the English Parliament is organized in a better way than the Italian, with the first division in the House of Commons and the Lords and then also with the rules in it as freedom of speech among parliamentarians! I agree with claudia saying that the speaker is the one who presides over the debates .

  7. The Speaker in the English House of Commons has a more descrete role that his Italian counterpart. He also has to ware a wig which is not required in Italy for such a role. The two English parliamentarians respect their partners more than the Italian ones do and the language used is less complex and therefore can be better understood.The environment in Italy is more elegant than the English one and infact the latter resembles a meeting among friends in an ordinary hall whereas the Italian one looks like an elegant theatre.

  8. I agree with my mates. The debate is more “civil”, in Italy this doesn’t happen since nobody is really able to understand and listen to what the opposition (political) says. In this video the two parliamentaries address also to “Mr. Speaker”, a person who presides the debate, but he keeps impartial. The parliamentaries talk face to face, respecting their turn, exposing their own ideas and listening silently to the critics and the answer of the other member. In Italy, despite there may exist good purposes, this is not possible because of the totally lack of respect.

  9. Dialogue is natural and there is not tension so people feel secure and they can present
    their arguments with more confidence and less anxiety.About position of body , I observed they are very relaxed.This debate is really deep.It is not reduced to two people speaking counter but audience, through some comments,takes part in debate.
    Situation is dynamics. If the Italian parliament was so colloquial young people would be more interested.

  10. Excluding the fact that I really hate british english accent, and firstly I couldn’t actually understand what they were grumbling about, I think that the way they talk about very serial problems, even mocking about those, it’s quite amazing. I wish that it could be like that also in Italy, but obviously we have a long way to go and I guess that it’s harder than it looks.

  11. Probably the most significant example that made the english parliament different from all the other! I could venture also a little bit sarcastic hearing the way they talk each other… seems like friends, but with the best respect possible!!

  12. The main difference that i noticed, is the disposition of people, in fact they are face to face.
    Instead our parliament have a semicircular form.
    Another difference is the reciprocal respect of the two parliamentaries, in fact they wait their turn and do not disturb the other person during his speech. I like this video because I never see a debate in the House of parliament, but I do not understand why some of people stand up after the speech of the parliamentaries…

  13. Such an interesting video! I really enjoyed the fact that Mr. Cameron and Mr. Miliband stand up whenever they have to rebut something the other said, it gives more dynamicity to the sessions, just as like the fact that people stand up whenever one of the speakers says something and they agree with that (I guess). Also I am impressed by the polite way they comunicate even though some arguments are sharply conflicting; in Italy something like this will never be possible because we tend not to respect the speaker of the opposite party and we believe we are absolutely right every time. Take for example Mr. Vittorio Sgarbi! I, then, noticed that whenever they speak (even if Mr. Cameron sometimes forgot to mention it) they name someone called Mr. Speaker, at first I thought it was just a formal way to call each other but then I discovered that they indeed refer to the presiding officer of the House of Commons, who’s responsible for maintaining order during debate … what an amazing organization!
    Giulia IV A

  14. Wow!! It’s really different from our Parliament !
    I prefer this way! I like how they reply to each other, with respect, but direct at the same time. They don’t need poll because you can immediately understand if the other people agree with their idea.
    It seems funny, but they are talking about importants topics .

  15. The way they spoke it is fantastic,it is much less boring and formal than our parliament. Even the speaker is not at the top of the hall, but in a special spot down in the centre
    The MPs are appear more interesting and active.

  16. The English Parliament is very different from the Italian Parliament. They show their ideas one after the other, waiting for their turn. It is good to see their way of speaking. It seems just the way we discuss with our friends. The Italian Parliament should learn from the English Parliament to have more respect and to be more polite.
    Vittorio P. 4A

  17. Tommaso P. IV A

    It is a very interesting video because I can see the difference with our Parlament.
    The very first difference between the British Parlament and ours is the architectonic shape as well as the color of the debate room. In fact, while the Italian one looks like an ancient Roman anphiteather and its walls are red, the color of power, the British Parlament has a rectangular shape and has white walls. Furthermore, in Italy the main speaker sits on the highest seat, while in England the speakers stand in the lowest part of the room.

  18. It’s amazing the difference with our Parlament.I really like the fact that,in England,the speaker is not at the top of the hall,and they can show their ideas one after the other,waiting for their turn,without anybody speaking at the same time.But,I prefer the structure of the Italian Parlament,because,I think it is more elegant and majestic.But this is just my opinion.

  19. In my opinion the English Parliament is completely different from the Italian one.
    First of all, the disposition of the members is different: in fact, in England the parliamentarians are face to face while in Italy they are set in a semicircle.
    Besides, the English speaker is situated in the middle of the two different factions of the MPs , instead the Italian one is in front of the semicircle.
    Another thing that I noticed is how the two parliamentarians expose and listen to the arguments without sticking with malice but talking in a friendly way and I think that this thing could not happen in Italy!

  20. From what I have seen the difference between English parliament and our parliament is so clear: they work for a common target, they work for their nation… They work.
    The politicians in this video are ordered, the two speakers talk with respect for each other, answer to answer without shouting. We have to learn from this type of parliament

  21. I found this video very useful to understand the differences between the Italian Parliament and the English Parliament. The first thing that I noticed is that the structure is totally different from our Parliament, it has a rectangular shape the two speakers are placed face to face. Instead in Italy the Parliament has a semicircular shape and the speaker is placed in front of the semicircle. Behind the two speaker I found very funny how the other people part of the two factions where interested and participated at the argument with signs and gestures of disappointment in case they were not of the same mind as the speaker. In conclusion I think that this is a very good way to face a problem and I prefer this system instead to the Italian one.

  22. The first difference that I saw is the size of this camera: it’s small and poorer than the italian parliament. The second difference is the language which is directer and there are many dialogues. I would like to know why somebody stood up when the person near the centre of the camera started to speak. Maybe it is a sort of respect that these men should show or they did this when they were agree with the principal answer or something else?

  23. Our Parlament can’t be compared with no other Parlament. Our politicians are actors, indeed our Parlament is like an amphitheater. I am not surprised by the behavior of Cameron but by the behavior of deputies Barani and D’Anna. This is what I think.
    Francesco M. 4°A

  24. I have noticed that both the parliament are bicameral, but in England the house of lords is not elective and it is composed by only ninety-two members.
    The English parliament is represented by only two big parties, in Italy they can be many more and this cause many problems of stability to the goverment and consequently to the prime minister.
    Both the rules of the Italian republic president and the English queen or king are purely representatives and without any real power. The real power for both nations is in the hands of the prime ministers.
    In this video we can see the English leaders of the two factions matching in a fast and direct way, which does not happen in the Italian parliament because of the number of the parties.

  25. The best thing in this video is that they are face to face screaming to each other, not everyone can endure something like that, they are also very polite always waiting their turn to speak.
    I tried to imagine what would happen if two Italian politicians had such a hard debate…. I can see insults and slaps everywhere…..

  26. I like how work the British Parliament , the politicians speak one at a time and they permitt to their opponents to express the concepts . I much prefer this model of Parliament to the Italian Parliament and especially the politicians. I like more the structure of the Italian Parliament , more impressive than the English.

  27. The english parliament and the italian parlanement have a lot of differences! First of all they are face to face and not in a circle structure and also they don’t tell all togheter such as italian parliament. English politicians work a lot for their nation, the same of italian politicians….. So we have to learn from this type of parliament.
    Gabriele C. 4 a

  28. First I noted that the dimension of the English parliament was smaller than the Italian parliament and the protagonist of the discussion is very close each other. Two years ago I was at the Italian parliament while the politicians were debating and I remember that the most of participants didn’t pay attention to the man or women that was speaking; how I can see in this video in the English parliament happen the contrary and this paragon is sufficient to understand the differences between our politicians and English politicians (and probably our politicians earn more than English politicians).

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