An extraordinary day at the House of Lords

This video includes the door of the House of Commons being slammed on the face of the Yeoman Usher to symbolize the independence of the elected House of Commons from the monarchy.The tradition dates back to the events of 4 January 1642 when King Charles tried to enter the Commons chamber and arrest five of its members. To prevent him from entering (and to give time for their five colleagues to escape), the other MPs slammed the door on the King’s face.Β  After that incident, the House of Commons has maintained its right to question the right of the monarch’s representative to enter their chamber, though they cannot bar him from entering with lawful authority.

The door is slammed in the face of the monarch’s representative to symbolize the independence of the elected House of Commons from the unelected monarchy.

Normally, the door is slammed in the face of Black Rod (currently Sir Freddie Viggers) but he was unwell, so his deputy, Colonel E. Lloyd-Jukes (Yeoman Usher of the Black Rod), had to step in.

15 thoughts on “An extraordinary day at the House of Lords

  1. I was pleasantly surprised to se the beautifully designed traditional customes and wigs of the house of lords and also to see how proud and serious the members respect their traditional roles. I think it’s positive to continue to demonstrate an act of position and courage that happened many years ago in the house of commons .

  2. Michelle I agree with your comment. Watching the video, I noticed the elegance and the refined tradition of the House of Lords, differently from the House of commons. The House of lords appreciated the ceremony much more than the members of the House of commons, who took it less seriously. Did you heard the smart remarks??

    • yes, Bea I heard the smart remarks and they are right! ahahahahahah!! πŸ™‚
      This is a very special event that truly reflects the society and the history of England. I think that only the English can make a representation of this type and it has always happened since 1642. I agree with Francesco .. we are in the XXI century and these things should be overcome. but I am sure that this event will continue to be because it is one of the characteristics and qualities of England since ancient times!!

    • You’re right: Lords are more rafined than Commons,but perhaps TOO tied to tradition!! Their clothes are a bit ridiculous, they make me laugh πŸ™‚
      However, the Commons impressed me more than them, ’cause they talk about important and serious topics with simplicity,though they may seem less serious. And… their clothes are definitely much better! ahahahaha πŸ™‚

  3. I think it’s very unique and interesting to see how historical reference about the “knocking on the door”, as King Charles did in 1642, is repeated even today, as if they want it to keep in mind what appened in the past!

  4. I appreciate the way the tradition joins to the policy, but I also think that, even if it’s wonderful and very particular, the tradition is exaggerated cause we are in the twenty first century, not in the middle age anymore.

  5. in my opinion the slamming of the door on the face of Black Rod, or in this case of the Yeoman Usher of the Black Rod, is a hallmark really importante in the english history.
    This events goes on since 1642 and it is a particular tradiction to be prod about it.
    In this video I noticed difference between the Hause of Lord and the Hause of Commons; the former is high-ranking and courtly, the latter is sloppy and casual.

  6. I agree with Francesco.Although their wigs are really funny and made me laugh I think that they are too exaggerated and too bounded to tradition! I certainly would prefer to partecipate to a reunion of the House of Commons than to one of the House of Lords! πŸ˜€

  7. Certainly this situation is different from the first.Silence master it and proceedings
    to carry out is clever.Roles are more definite and every person performs a task.
    This part,”house”,is more similiar to the form of debate of the Italian Government.I think
    there is more respect. It seems two “houses” belong to two differents countries.I Think
    these distinctions are really important.If a citizen have differents points of view can get
    better information.

  8. All this long and refined ceremony really make me laugh, but considering how intensely focused all the members are, it is probably some sort of devotion to their motherland!

  9. Let me say this thing first to take it out of my chest, what was the name of the king? o yes, CHARLES.

    Now that I have taken that thing out of my big ego chest, this video and the ones after I love them. I saw videos of how civilised and uncivilised they get when debating, one side booing the other and viceversa, makes great entertainment.

    Plus it was a cool little fact of history to know about the separation of the monarchy from the House of Commons.

  10. I was nicely surprised to see the traditional morals and wigs of the house of lords : the lords are more refined than Commons .
    I appreciate the way the tradition joins to the policy, it is very particular !
    Federica 4 A

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